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    14 Totkay from Twitter’s Zubeda Aapa That Will Make Your Day Better

    First things first, this post is in no way meant to offend Zubeda Aapa. We at Twittistaan acknowledge the fact that she is a national treasure whose wisdom has benefited all of us in our lives. That being said, everyone knows that she has been the butt of many jokes due to her famous totkas.

    This Twitter account is a parody of our beloved Zubeda Aapa and does a great job at making people laugh. The account doesn’t just tweet weird totkas but also awesome comebacks at random tweets or the news which are all the funnier if you imagine Zubeda Aapa saying them

    This tweet had me in stitches. A reminder for all of us to be humble.

    Of course, she still tweets some amazing advice. This one is for all the aspiring actors out there.

    When Malala announced she would be going to Oxford, Zubeda apa had her mind on her own interests. Smart woman.

    One word; SAVAGE.

    Well, Zubeda apa isn’t subtle about where her political support lies.

    Zubeda Aapa has clearly had enough of your shit.

    Here is an example of Zubeda Aapa showing us an example of optimism and looking at the glass as half full.

    Here is a really great tip on how to get rid of pests in your house!

    An unorthodox way to end harassment but hey, I’ll take it!

    Well, that’s one way to get over your nicotine dependency.

    This is for all the people who want a doggo in their lives but their parents say no.

    Zubeda Aapa encouraging everyone to question everything!

    She just might be on to something. Zubeda Aapa figured out the reason behind the 2016 fog!

    A little serious but amazing life advice by Zubeda Aapa that will get you places in life.

    What is your favorite Zubeda Apa totka? Let us know in the comments!

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