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    Xiaomi Mi 6 is Exactly What This Instagram Crazy Generation Wants

    We were blessed with the world’s best photo sharing service Instagram in 2010. In the beginning, it was just a place to share the pictures of your meal or random clicks from your day to day lives until the perfectionists learned about Instagram and gave all of us an inferiority complex. Everyone became a part of this unannounced competition to be better at photography than their fellow Instagrammers. Some people undertook trips only for the sake of taking pictures. Some learned the art of post-processing. But there were few who didn’t know how to join this race to the top. For one, they did not have a DSLR, even if they did, it was too complicated to understand and they never had enough time to learn.

    After learning about the plight of such people, smartphone manufacturing companies decided to improve the quality of the cameras in their phones. Although the smartphone camera was pretty easy to use and didn’t give a panic attack to its user, one problem still remained. Smartphones with good quality cameras were more expensive than a basic DSLR.

    People who couldn’t afford iPhones and Samsung’s Note phones wondered with heavy sighs why can’t they have phones with a high-quality camera. Their sighs were heard by Xiaomi and they launched Mi6 to satisfy the needs of Instagram fanatics who want to up their IG game without buying a DSLR.

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    Xiaomi Mi 6

    Mi 6 is an efficient smartphone that comes with Snapdragon 835, 6 GB RAM, 5.15″ full HD Display, and many more amazing features. But the quality that has made all the photography enthusiasts happy is the phone comes with Picture Perfect Dual Cameras.

    Xiaomi Mi 6 Twittistaan

    Here are the awesome features of Xiaomi Mi 6’s dual cameras:

    12 MP rear camera:

    • wide angle and telephoto lenses
    • 2x optical zoom
    • 10x digital zoom
    • 4-axis Optical Image Stabilization that reduces the effect of shaking and helps in low light photography
    • Portrait mode that uses the 52mm close-up portrait lens and stereoscopic imaging system

    Xiaomi Mi 6 Dual Cameras

    8MP front camera:

    • Beautify 3.0 that enhances the skin tone in your portraits
    • 1080p video call
    • facial recognition
    • selfie countdown

    Xaiomi Mi 6’s video recording is also mind blowing. It records 4K video, which is 4 times higher in resolution than regular HD.

    Are you a photography enthusiast like me and can’t wait to try Xiaomi Mi 6’s camera yourself? If yes then head over to Daraz, the official e commerce partner of Xiaomi, to buy your Mi6 today.

    All of Xiaomi’s products are available at Daraz and mistore.

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