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    It’s Time To Make Your Life Exciting With Xiaomi ECO Products

    Humans created machines so they could facilitate their tasks and make their lives easy. They say eventually the machines will take over but so far the experience with the machines and technology has only been in the favor of human race. Computer and mobile phones have undergone huge upgrades in the last decade. But they still don’t cover everything. Humans need more. Technology that can facilitate their traveling, that can be worn on your arm like a wrist watch, that can take care of your environment so you don’t have to.

    Xiaomi, a brand that believes in innovation, has created smart products that are going to turn your life around. Xiaomi’s ECO products are not only extremely beneficial to their users but are also environment-friendly. In today’s world where our whole eco system is at risk, environment-friendly technology is the only way to ensure a better future of our planet.

    Here are few of Xiaomi’s must have ECO products:

    Mi Car Air Purifier:

    Xiaomi Car Purifier

    We spend a big chunk of our time in our cars. Going to work or our place of education, going to the mall or to the relatives. But is the environment of our car clean and healthy? It most definitely isn’t. All kinds of bacteria and dust particles circulate the air inside of a car. With Mi Car Air Purifier, the air inside your car becomes clean and you stay safe from possible diseases.

    Mi Car Air Purifier is of 11,000/- and is available at Daraz and mistore.

    Mi Amazfit PACE:

    Xiaomi Amazefit PACE

    Living a healthy lifestyle is pretty hard these days. We spend most of our time sitting in front of our computers and engaging in zero activities. We need reminders and motivation to get up and move our legs every few hours. The Mi Amazfit PACE is designed to keep you fit in style. The beautiful smart watch comes in two colors, black and red. It also shows notifications from your calls and texts. The 17,000/- smartwatch has a battery timing of 5 days on regular use. You can order your Mi Amazfit PACE from Daraz or mistore.

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    Mi Bluetooth Speaker:

    Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker

    You can’t carry your woofers and speakers with you wherever you go. So what to do when you want to play your favorite music to your friends in a high-quality sound? You let Mi Bluetooth Speaker do its magic. Xiaomi’s Bluetooth speakers are available in different colors and sizes and you can choose the one that suits your needs. Our personal favorite is the Mi Bluetooth Speaker Mini. The Mini speaker is easy to carry and manage. The small size, however, doesn’t compromise the sound quality. Whether you are at a picnic or simply in a cafe with your friends, with Mi Bluetooth Speaker Mini you can party anywhere.

    Priced at 18,00/-, Mi Bluetooth Speaker Mini is available at Daraz and mistore.

    Mi Electric Scooter:

    Xiaomi Electronic Scooter

    And now the product that has got everyone talking. Mi Electric Scooter is a rechargeable scooter that requires no fuel and ensures transportation that will not harm your environment. It can cover up to 30km on a full charge and has a maximum speed of 25km/h. The beautiful Mi Electric Scooter comes in two colors, black and white.

    Mi Electric Scooter is available at Daraz and mistore in PKR 49,900/-

    So have you decided which ECO product will become a part of your life in the near future? If you have, head over to Xiaomi’s official e-commerce distributor, Daraz or the brand’s online store to place your order.

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