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#WorldCup On Twitter – What’s coming for Pakistanis?

World on Twitter – Choose Your Team

World on Twitter – Pick profile image

World Cup on Twitter in Urdu – Teams

World Cup on Twitter – Pakistan and Urdu

 Twitter has launched its #WorldCup features which include World Cup Timelines, Customized Profiles, The World Cup of Tweets, Hashflags and lots of localized tweets.

Twitter World Cup Timelines
Twitter has launched 2 official World Cup hashtag timelines: #WorldCupand #WorldCup2014, click or tap them to view them. In the World Cup timelines, you can view the World Cup related Tweets from people in your group of friends, Twitter network, along with relevant Tweets from teams, players, coaches, press, fans in the stadiums and celebrities.
The match timeline shows Tweets about specific matches that are happening in real time to help you keep up with the latest goals, saves, fouls and more — even if you’re not near a TV. And if you want to only view Tweets with photos and videos, just choose the photos-only view.
Make Your Customized World Cup Profile
With this feature, you can customize your Twitter profile with the pictures of your favorite team on your profile and header photos. All you need to do is choose your team and then get custom profile images, header photos, real-time scores and highlights.

Choose your side and get custom images for profile and header photos
Pick your profile image or use your own

Tweet using 3-letter FIFA country code, preceded by a hashtag, Twitter will add that country’s flag to your Tweet, like this:

The World Cup of Tweets
Support your team by tweeting their hashflags. The team with the most mentions will win the World Cup of Tweets.
What’s coming for Pakistanis?
Pakistan’s Football isn’t playing in FIFA World Cup, it doesn’t mean Pakistanis aren’t crazy about the game and the event. A good news is that Twitter’s exclusive World Cup features are now available in Urdu too. To access the Urdu features you will need to change your account’s language to Urdu.

تمام فٹبال فینز کے لئے ایک اچھی خبر یہ ہے کہ آپ فٹبال ورلڈ کپ سے متعلق ٹوئٹر کی تمام اپ ڈیٹس اب #اردو میں بھی پڑھ اور استعمال کر سکیں گے
— Ahsan | احسن (@aey) June 7, 2014

ٹوئٹر کی ورلڈ کپ اپ ڈیٹس آپ کے سامنے اردو میں پیش کرنے کے لئے اردو ٹرانسلیٹرز ،موڈریٹرز دن رات کام کر رہے ہیں، امید ہے آپ مستفید ہونگے-
— Ahsan | احسن (@aey) June 7, 2014

Now you will see your Favorite teams and exclusive features in Urdu too.
World Cup on Twitter in Urdu – Choose Your Side
World Cup on Twitter in Urdu - Tweet
World Cup on Twitter in Urdu – Tweet for you team

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Ahsan Saeed  Founder of Twittistaan. Works with Twitter as Urdu Localization Moderator. He contributes to the Urdu version of Global Voices and WhatsApp. Studied software engineering but loves to explore digital media. He tweets @aey


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