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Women’s Day and The Brave Women of the #MeToo Movement

Even when life was hard for everyone, it was harder for women. They had to fight for their right to vote, their right to own property, and that was in the first world countries. The situation has always been pretty bleak for the women of the sub-continent. They get abused by their family members, harassed by their colleagues, catcalled by the men on the streets. Women are not safe anywhere. They have been tolerating these injustices for years, silently, resiliently.

But as we celebrate Women’s Day today, we should look at the way women bravely started speaking against their oppressors in 2017. And they continue to do so even today. The #MeToo movement became viral last year in October when women started sharing the stories of harassment on Twitter. Actresses and singers shared their own stories and became the inspiration for many other women who came forward with their own stories. Abusers got named and shamed.


Every Other Woman is A Victim:

We look up to our favorite celebrities and there is nothing wrong with that. We think that they must never have faced problems that we face. But after the #MeToo movement, the women of Hollywood started leading in the most inspiring way. They not only shared their own stories but also voiced their support for every woman who has a story to tell. Even at the Oscars, the Hollywood’s biggest night, #MeToo and the Time’s Up movement dominated most of the night.

Women Are Saying: “Enough”

The movement that started with the words of a few victims has become a global phenomenon. The time of abusers and harassers is up. The situation of women is not perfect today but the winds of change have started blowing. Women are helping other women rise. They are raising their voices against not only the misogynist men but also the women who belittle other women due to their gender.

This Women’s Day let us celebrate all the brave women who broke their silence and became an inspiration for many women like them.

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