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When There Is Rain In Karachi, There Is Rain On Twitter

Karachi is Pakistan’s biggest city having largest numbers of Twitter users from Pakistan. Mostly the topic which trends in Karachi becomes part of Pakistani trends on Twitter
Unlike Punjab and other parts of the country, Karachi doesn’t see rain many times in a year. But when there is rain in Karachi, there is actually rain on Twitter. Pakistani tweeters share their love, hate, news, photos of rain. 

Lets have a look on some of them. 

Rain & Fun + Love/Hate Tweets

And the Amount of shirtless uncle increases immensely during the rain!!!
— Arooba Qamar Khan (@AroobyDoobyDoo) August 3, 2013

So who cried in the rain since nobody could see your tears ,this might be good opportunity to gain some sympathy hugs, RT please
— HTL (@Vamos_Rafa87) August 3, 2013

Save a boyfriend for a rainy day – and another, in case it doesn’t rain.
— ہری مرچیں (@HariMirchein) August 3, 2013

— Umama Mirza. (@UmmoTummo) August 3, 2013

People are still tweeting anti-rain tweets to score RTs. *Slow-clap*
— Shméagol (@Shumyl) August 3, 2013

Hahaha. Halaat achay nahi. Tv, table sab hatani pari. Itni barish. <3
— فاطمه (@GolaaGanda) August 3, 2013

Thank you rain. Meri gaariyan saaf hogayeen bahar se aur Ander se -_- bitch
— aura, dil aur Adil (@aurAdil) August 3, 2013

Karachi walo.. dont jalussssss me :/ #Jeddah #rain
— Zainab Salem Hossain (@ZainabHossain) August 3, 2013

*wakes up* *checks TL filled with rain tweets* *tweets “omg #rain #enjoy #love“* *goes back to sleep* This is how most people “enjoy” rain.
— Ahsan Haseeb (@ahsanhaseeb) August 3, 2013

Ya Allah tera shukar hai for such awesome rain and this beautiful weather. Feeling #Blessed
— Aamna Bilgrami (@Tweetr_Inqilabi) August 3, 2013

Instagram is flooded with rain pictures. hehe.
— Maut Ka Farishta (@Ezraile) August 3, 2013

Barish k baad 2 tarah k log milte hain. 1. Khush ho ker shuker ada kerne walay 2. Apni shakal jese keeray nikaalne walay, jo khush nai hote
— Ahsan | احسن (@aey) August 3, 2013

Barish ho rahi hy or Roza bhi hay Pakoroun or Aalo k Parathoun ki shadeed kami mehsoos ho rahi hay #Barish #Karachi
— Bilal | بلال (@M_Bilal_Khan) August 3, 2013

Guys, I’ve reached a conclusion. Pakistani awaam doesn’t deserve rain. Not the one on twitter, at least.
— Qirat Hamed (@QiratHamed) August 3, 2013

Karachi vs Rest of Pakistan

The way Karachites get excited over rain, is actually very funny! 😀
— Raafay. (@GolGappaa) August 3, 2013

My TL ATM : awaam-e-Islamabad is confused whether to laugh or to get terrified. Karachittes are happy because RAIN. NO Lahore update
— Horror Gulla (@NectarGulla) August 3, 2013

Confused: Wish Karachiites for a good day of rain or bash them over it…
— Naveed Ahmad Khan (@NavidAhmadKhan) August 3, 2013

Rain n Karachi..ab #instagram ki khair nhn :p
— Haseeb Aslam (@hasiib31) August 3, 2013

We have much more pressing issues on hand, such as the rain in Karachi and Karachiites inability to take pictures of it.
— Mango (@ManhattanMango) August 3, 2013

Rain & Loadshedding

Welcome #Rain bye bye Bijli. #Karachi
— Hina Safdar (@hinasafi) August 3, 2013

Barish honey pe light jani zaroori hai kia????
— Minions!!! (@KissaSyeda) August 3, 2013

Not for a minute i suffered from loadshedding. and i live in #Karachi. #thankyou #KESC #HatersGonnaHate
— Maria Patel (@MariaPtweets) August 3, 2013

News Updates & Tips

From Jauhar to I I Chundrigar road, mostly clear sans Jauhar Chowrangi and a patch near FTC. #Karachi #Rain #KarachiRain
— Faizan Lakhani (@faizanlakhani) August 3, 2013

Reportedly 100 Feeders of @KESC_Ltd tripped in recent 1 hour rain in #Karachi what a QoS
— Muzzamil Hussain (@1sudo) August 3, 2013

#Karachi #Rain #DHA Rahat is flooded badly in certain areas..some streets leading from it r totally swamped. Avoid I possible
— Nadda S Adamjee (@NaddaSalim) August 3, 2013

Karachi: 7 killed in rain related incidents http://t.co/kIMIWGNb6L
— Geo English (@geonews_english) August 3, 2013

If power to your area has been restored, tweet to us with the area mentioned. #rain
— KESC (@KESC_Ltd) August 3, 2013

Driving in the rain – Safety Tips – http://t.co/53DmSvjAA4
— norbalm (@norbalm) August 3, 2013

TV channels should realize that there is rain in parts of Pakistan other than Karachi as well
— omar r quraishi (@omar_quraishi) August 3, 2013

یہ سمجھ نہیں آیا کہ کراچی کے ایدمنسٹریٹر ہاشم رضا زیدی کو بارش ہونے کے جرم میں ہٹایا گیا یا کسی اور وجہ سے؟ #Karachi #rain
— نان حلیم (@naanhaleem) August 3, 2013

#Karachi: the city where emergency is declared for rain, but never for the scores that are killed daily. http://t.co/QJwuBnB9Es
— BuffoonTribune (@BuffoonTribune) August 3, 2013

Rain Photos

OMG. #Rain #Karachi pic.twitter.com/efiWvzTA1f
— Ahsan | احسن (@aey) August 3, 2013

RT @RahkitfiHafeez: Heavy rain, pleasant weather but traffic jams… Karachi pic.twitter.com/VrsrLQeZci
— Khalid Khan (@khalidkhan787) August 3, 2013

#karachi #rain pic.twitter.com/1WDz5biqYa
— Wajib-ul-Follow (@mohammaddeshmuk) August 3, 2013

Go Green this rain 🙂 pic.twitter.com/5sFaV6bdIT
— NOMI ANSARI (@NOMIANSARI) August 3, 2013

A TV cameraman is busy in filming post-rain scenario in #Karachi pic.twitter.com/dFlCfho0eG
— Faizan Lakhani (@faizanlakhani) August 3, 2013

About Author: Ahsan — Urdu Localization Moderator at Twitter, Global Voices Urdu and WhatsApp Urdu Translator, Works in a Social Media agency.  Love for photography, rain and Twitter. He tweets as @aey.

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