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    What is Marham? here is everything you need to know


    When we get sick, we search for a good doctor. Sometimes the general physician isn’t enough. Sometimes we need a doctor who specializes in treating a particular part of our bodies. There are also quacks working in the market. This makes the search very complicated and all we have at our hands is to the suggestions of our friends and relatives. Their advice, however sincere, is based on their limited knowledge, which sometimes helps but mostly doesn’t.

    The creators of Marham – Find a Doctor and Consultant, aware of these limits, have created a virtual platform to connect doctors and patients directly leaving no room for doubts. Most of us who don’t have any knowledge of our healthcare system can now use their smartphones and computers to connect with a group of 12000 people, of which 5000 are doctors. Marham, literally, brings the doctors of our city on our finger tips.

    Marham  is empowering people by enabling them to make informed health decisions. It is a community based initiative and your experiences, whether good or bad, can help someone in pain. We use technology to make your experiences add to the collective memory of Marham community and enable you to save lives.

    Currently operating as an active Facebook Group of around 12,000 people, Marham is all set to launch its website and mobile application soon. You can help us save lives by spreading the word about the cause.

    Join the Marham Facebook group and share the video that visualizes what it means to be #MarhamBano. 

    Download Marham app.

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