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    52 Years Later: What Defence Day Means to Pakistanis Today

    Today, Pakistanis celebrate the 52nd anniversary of the 1965 war in which India betrayed its international commitments and peace treaties by attacking the lands of Pakistan without a public declaration of war.

    The Army and Its Vigilant Efforts at Protecting Pakistan

    Despite having a much smaller army than the one India brought with itself to attack Pakistan, Pakistan not only held its own firm ground but also successfully soiled India’s plans of what its army chief thought would be a brutal and inevitable invasion. It has been 52 years since that day but the memory of the vigilance Pakistan’s army showed to protect the nation still lives on and that is what we celebrate today.

    What Defence Day Means To Pakistan

    On this day we pay our sincere homage to the martyrs who laid their lives down in order to protect numerous others in Pakistan who are unable to defend themselves. These soldiers didn’t do it for glory or for fame, they did what they thought was their duty as the protectors of their country. Jinnah had a vision of Unity, Faith, and Discipline. These three aren’t just any words, they mean something and when you look at the history of all that Pakistan has gone through in order to exist, you will see just how those words are the very pillars of this brave nation. Because that is the ground we stand on today, and the reason we are still standing on it is the bravery of the soldiers who defended us on this very day, 52 years ago.

    Defence Day Pakistan

    Events Today

    In order to commemorate this auspicious day, a series of events are being held all over the nation. The main event of the day will be hosted at the General Headquarters situated in Rawalpindi in order to pay a tribute to all the martyrs who lost their lives in the war of 1965. The Army Chief General Qamar Bajwa will deliver address the nation at the end of the ceremony. Apart from this, several special ceremonies are being held all over the nation at military locations to celebrate the defeat of India at the hands of Pakistan’s army. This includes seminars, rallies, and air shows.

    Enemies of this country shall fall short of their bullets, but our resolve shall not.” – Chief Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa

    Faith in One Nation

    Pakistan is one of the few countries in the world that is actively combating terrorism and at the same time facing criticism from others but despite all that it faces, it stands strong in the face of opposition. It is on a journey to development and the only way it can reach the goal upon which the eyes of everyone living in it are set is if it follows the cardinal principles laid down by our founder Jinnah, Unity, Faith, and Discipline.

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