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    Why Wasu’s Education Related Poetry Is Getting Viral?

    [blockquote style=”2″]”Education is our passport to the future, for the tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X [/blockquote]

    Education has been a debatable topic since the evolution of mankind and it is hard to deny its importance. Education doesn’t only mean set of formal schooling but how literate you’re as a person. Education is an indispensable part of life both personally and socially. From getting social acceptance to getting exposure of the world and strengthening own self are surely its best rewards, accompanied by many others.

    Societies can only develop if children from a young age are provided with adequate teaching and facilities in order to make them interested in learning.

    Poetry by Wasu Khan

    A humorous, yet eye-opening poetry by Wasu Khan on education-related issues in Pakistan.

    Posted by Alif Ailaan on Friday, October 16, 2015

    Even in his short yet deep poetry Wasu, a folk singer, shares how corruption, false intentions and bad facilities has ruined our education sector, it is the bitter truth of our society. Except for a few, majority schools at even primary level lack facilities like:

    • Proper teaching tools
    • School buildings/ furniture
    • Restrooms
    • Even teachers

    Thus causing disinterest in education and a great dropout rate. Sadly, in major areas of Pakistan education is given least importance, be it on small level or as higher level as of Government. Looking into past statistics we see that education budget (For FY14 – FY15) was decreased by 11%. Currently the education budget increased by 14% (i.e. FY15 – FY16), which in reality isn’t of greater impact as the net spread remains low.

    One of the emerging organization “Alif Ailaan” is currently working very actively throughout Pakistan to put education on the frontline and make reforms so every single child receives quality education. It is solely important to join hands with such organizations to promote education and strengthen the country on the basis of education.

    When the education level is so poor throughout the country, the situation is alarming. Do we expect to grow as a nation? As a country? Are we even prepared for it yet? Surely, the time for right planning and right decision is now!

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