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[VIDEO] #CelebratePakistan With The Builders Of Our Nation

On the Independence Day of Pakistan, social media activists shared a video with the hashtag #CelebratePakistan to join hands with the labors of the country.People tweeted with the hashtag and spread the awareness how labors are building the nation.

Kiun ke Mazdoor, Fakhr hai #Pakistan ka 🙂 A beautiful video message on the Independence Day #CelebratePakistanhttp://t.co/7zBlvPVQ6U
— AdiLol (@aurAdil) August 14, 2014

#CelebratePakistan by being a better human bro. We need that shit.
— Prime Minister SaraM (@SaraMuzzammil) August 15, 2014

[blogpost] Jubilee Life: #CelebratePakistanhttp://t.co/VrJT1m5VpA
— ارسلان محمد خان (@amk) August 18, 2014

Independence day celebration by @JubileeLife #CelebrateLife #CelebratePakistanNicely done! http://t.co/cjlqT6UbHX
— Safi (@safiurazi) August 14, 2014

Let’s not forget those who have helped build our nation strong! #CelebrateLife #CelebratePakistanhttp://t.co/c3SGlmXg4x
— Twittistaan (@Twittistaan) August 14, 2014

Watch video here:

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