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    Apple Adds Nastaleeq Font for Urdu in iOS 11

    Now iPhone users will be able to read Urdu in its true shape and form on their phones because Apple has finally introduced the Nastaleeq font for Urdu in iOS 11.

    The year 2017 has been proved to be very lucky for Urdu so far. The world has started recognizing the value of Urdu and work has been done to incorporate Urdu in the universe of the internet. A few months ago Google added Urdu websites to the list of sites that are Google AdSense compatible. This way Urdu bloggers will also be able to earn through advertisements. Following this decision, Urdu was also added in Google Speech Recognition, thanks to that you can talk in Urdu and your phone will type down the words.

    After Google, Apple has also fulfilled the wish of its users by adding Urdu’s Nastaleeq font in its upcoming update of operating system iOS 11. Urdu users will be able to read and write Urdu in its true form on their phones for the first time.

    Apple adds Urdu Nastaleeq Typeface in iOS 11

    The debate of Urdu and Nastaleeq on the internet is pretty old. Until such plugins were created that showed Urdu in the Nastaleeq script, Urdu users had to read Urdu in Arabic Naskh script. When we translated Twitter in Urdu and made a complete Urdu version of the site the difficulty in reading Urdu in Naskh script was the reason it was used by only a few people.

    The story of Urdu and Nastaleeq on iOS started when there was no Urdu keyboard available on the iOS and a Pakistani technologist Mudassir Azeemi created an app named Urdu Writer. The app was the Urdu keyboard the iOS users needed. When Apple introduced their own Urdu keyboard, Urdu Writer lost its importance. But Mudassir Azeemi was not going to give up. He took it upon himself to pressurize Apple to show Urdu in its real form by adding Nastaleeq script. To that end, he wrote many letters to Apple and Apple replied and today the Nastaleeq font is available on our phones.

    iOS 11 will be released worldwide on 19th September.

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