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How can Uber and Careem drivers earn more by doing nothing but the same?

It is the dream of every professional to earn extra money by doing nothing besides what they already do. There are a couple of ways for every profession as well that avail them these opportunities. Cab driving is just another noble profession. Drivers always tend to earn some more money without investing more effort or time. Different companies offer different ways to these drivers to earn some extra cash.

Selling Cargo

Cargo partners with different brands like electronics, cosmetics and more offer riders access to goods such as chocolate bars and USB cables the companies and transparent case to drivers along with goods which place in vehicles front compartmentalizing passengers to see at a glance what they are offering. To create an ease, customers can also make payments using Paypal, Apple pay. Android pay or their credit card through the featured cargos site using code. This Unicode in shows that the payment with affiliation goes to the right driver affiliating those products in their cabs. Companies give those drivers some profit and take the basic money themselves. This is the convenient way drivers have been using it at different places. It has been revealed that cargo earns money through selling the products while paying drivers a flat 25% commission on each paid sale and one dollar base commission for every passenger that orders from the cargo box. This allows drivers to receive payment even when passengers order free samples.

Showing ads to passengers

Another big industry invests quite a lot of money on cab drivers to enhance their presence and promote their advertisements. They know the fact that cab drivers interact with different types of people at different places on a daily basis and this enables them to target those passengers with their ads. These companies fit displays or small screens in the cab so that the passengers can be shown specific ads. They make sure that these advertisements do not disturb passengers or their riding experiences. So they try to keep these advertisements short and audioless. Different advertising companies offer handsome amounts of money to these cab drivers and enable these drivers to earn some extra bucks without doing anything extra. This model is followed in Europe as well as in Saudi Arabia.

Wrapping Cab

Another industry that gives opportunity to cab drivers to earn money is the group of advertisers that offer car owners, especially cab drivers, handsome amounts of money  in exchange of wrapping their car with certain stickers or advertisements featuring different brands. You may have observed this around you quite a lot of times. By doing so drivers basically turn their cars into moving billboards. Wherever these cab drivers go, they are basically exposing certain companies or brands to potential customers. Best of all is that drivers do not really need to change their driving habits or working hours. They just keep using their vehicles as they always do and they earn some extra money at the same time.

Digital Screens atop Cabs

Opportunities do not and here. It experts have recently found a new and most efficient way to connect advertisers with consumers. This new way of advertisement is beneficial in many ways. It provides an opportunity to the advertisement industry to reach potential viewers and at the same time it allows cab drivers to earn an extra amount of money by doing nothing extra. In the following decade, technology changed the dynamics of advertisement altogether and the internet served as a non-biased and quickest means of online brand campaigns and promotions. Many advertisement companies, in collaboration with transport agencies have started to give it a new turn by putting Digital Screens atop taxis.

This program enables cab drivers to earn additional income by doing but the same. A two sided digital screen, connected to the internet, will be attached atop taxis. This new system mobilizes different brands in an unmissable way. Hundreds and thousands of cars within a city, traveling thousands of miles monthly, delivering millions of impressions. Cab drivers just need to carry that screen atop their vehicle and do their usual trips. Those screens are maintained by head office as they are connected to the internet and GPS at the same time, so it takes nothing from drivers to manage them. This enables even those drivers who are not much literate to avail this opportunity they have to make their normal trips and rest is managed by the company itself.

Yet it is not so common but it is expected to be the most efficient and effective way for cab drivers to put extra cash in their pockets. Drivers do not really need to be changing the region they work in either their working hours because these screens are monitored by offices so they manage to run the specific ads in different regions and areas.

Breaking Ad

Breaking-Ad is a Lahore based revolutionizing marketing and advertising startup which focuses on digital outdoor advertisement in partnership with ride-hailing cab and taxi drivers. Company plans to expand their setup in other cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Islamabad and Faisalabad in their next wave. Company, with the help of tested team data analyzers, follows the OCP – Optimal Content Procedure to show specific content to specific targeted audience at specific time of the day. You can know more about Breaking-Ad on their official website.

Breaking-ad is currently fully functioning in Lahore and will expectedly expand to the other main cities by the end of 2020. Company promises to keep its work up to date to provide both consumers and advertisers a wonderful experience. Breaking-Ad has brought what we see in the most advanced cities of the world Atlanta, Phoenix and Dallas. Breaking-Ad plays short video animations of different featuring brands and companies.

Inflation rate continues to increase gradually in Pakistan with unemployment. In 2019, the unemployment rate in Pakistan was at approximately 3.02 percent, a slight decrease from 3.04 percent the previous year. Availability of less jobs forces students and people of Pakistan to run either small shops or drive cabs which is more convenient than the former option. This causes problems for pre existing cab drivers. There are more drivers available and yet no similar work is behind for the newcomers. Drivers often suffer from low income and it forces them to work upto 70 hours per week which adds immense burden on their physical and mental health.

Breaking-Ad, with their revolutionary idea, intends to add up to 40000PKR monthly in Cab drivers’ income depending on the area and performance. This service of the company is adding value to the lives of cab drivers by giving them a great edge and opportunity. Breaking-Ad is introducing its services at different platforms. Cab drivers are to avail these offers as it provides the easiest way for them to earn extra money without any extra effort and this is one of its first types in Pakistan.

Uber and Careem drivers often face numerous difficulties due to their trips targets by the company and a couple of other issues. Their drivers often have to work overtime and take extra trips in order to meet their expenses by the given bonus. But Breaking-Ad put money in the pocket of these drivers without them having to go beyond and work extra. 

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