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Types of Desi Followers and Un-Followers

Desi Followers and Unfollowers


Admit it or not, we all(okay maybe 99% of us) love followers. For some it’s a race to gain more and more followers. Some of these people become annoying at times with their ‘I need two more followers to complete my century’ kind of tweets. But let’s talk about the types of followers. There is a wide range of variety of twitter followers. The more your followers increase, the more you’ll get to know the types of followers that exist on twitter. Listed below are a few common types of twitter followers;

1. Na-Maloom Afraad:

This type of followers do not exist before and after following you. You begin to think that their sole purpose of joining twitter was to follow someone and then disappear. They just hit the follow button and there they vanish like ghosts.

2. Silent Admirers:

This type of followers often retweet or favorite your tweets and since everyone loves to get retweeted, these kind of followers are liked by all. 😉 But apart from retweets and favorites you receive no interaction from them. So they are your silent admirers who just RT and favorite you from a distance.

3. Let Me Help You:

These kind of followers come out of no where when you tweet something with the word ‘help’ and they do help you no matter what your problem is. But after helping you they disappear till you need help again.

4. Follow Friday:

These followers give you an #FF (follow Friday) every Friday. Sometimes they even add a few good words about your tweets in the #FF. Their consistent follow Fridays make you follow them.

5. Interactive followers:

They are slowly becoming extinct on twitter. :p but they do exist, in small numbers. If you have a few interactive followers, consider yourself lucky.


There are followers and then there are un-followers. They are interesting characters too. They, just by un-following, break someone’s heart. 😉 Following types of Un-followers are commonly found on twitter;

1. I’m judging you:

They judge you on your tweets and the moment you tweet something that doesn’t match their standard, they unfollow you. They don’t even give a warning. 🙁 :p

2. Un-following you:

They are a very interesting type. They officially announce(in a tweet) that they are unfollowing you. They don’t mention the reason. But I’m sure if you ask them they’ll tell you. 😉

3. Confused Un-followers:

They are pretty confused people. One moment you get the notification that they followed you and the next moment they unfollow you. They repeat this practice again and again and confuse you too that what exactly they want. 😐

4. Follow Back? 🙂 :

They hit the follow button and tweet you follow back simultaneously. If you follow back these tweeps, they remain in your followers list otherwise they unfollow you. The ‘please follow back’ have annoyed some tweeps so much that they have added in their bios ‘don’t ask for follow back.’ o_O

5. Dil Pe Le Lene Wale:

Twitter is a social network and debates and discussions are part and parcel of every social network. But some people just can’t handle it when you argue with them. They think their point of view is always right and if you try to convince them otherwise, they silently unfollow you or sometimes even block you.

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