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10 Accounts To Follow From Pakistani Twitter If You Are A Football Fan

Pakistan is a nation full of cricket enthusiasts. You would see cricket being played everywhere, from the streets to the local grounds. Maybe that is why; our country still has a pretty decent cricket team despite the lack of a proper sports system. Sure, there is an infrastructure established by the PCB but it’s still nowhere to what other countries have in place.

However, this is not what this article is about. This is about Football. Despite the lack of popularity for the sport, our country has some of the craziest football fanatics and Twitter is home to many of them. From following their favorite clubs religiously to being a fan of the sport itself, these people are really an inspiration.

I have put together a list of some of the football fans that I see on Twitter. So let’s take a look at them.

iLadyUnited (@iLadyUnited)

Making the list is this crazy Manchester United fan who is a regular follower of the sport. However, she is not just a United fan because she follows the sport on a regular basis.

A United fan will always be a Ronaldo fan.

Junaid Aslam (@junaid_acdc)

On the list is Junaid Aslam, a diehard Arsenal fan, who follows and supports the Gunner through thick and thin. He is known to have an honest opinion about his team and holds very sane views related to football.

Hammad Nabi Khan (@Hnk_89)

Also on the list is Hammad Nabi Khan who is a regular follower of the sport and has some very fair points when it comes to football.

Shahrukh Sohail (@shahrukhsohail7)

Shahrukh Sohail also maks the list – a young entrepreneur from Islamabad who has been involved with football in Pakistan. He is currently working with Fox Sports Asia and has been involved in several big time football events in the country including the Leisure Leagues and the Ronaldinho and Friends event.

Saman (@Samessii)

This crazy Barcelona fan who has been following the Catalan club since forever makes it to the list too. She is a diehard Lionel Messi fan which can be seen from this tweet.

Affan (@mufc_affanf9)

This Manchester United fan who is also a follower of Shahid Afridi. Boom Boom.

Emad Zafar (@EmadZafar)

Another one on the list is Emad Zafar who is a Liverpool fan but holds very sane opinions overall on the game.

Hamster (@Hamster41)

Another Arsenal fan making the list. He is among the very few sane ones.

Rehan Ul Haq (@Rehan_ulhaq)

A twitter celebrity also makes the list.

Abdullah (@AyyBeeShafi)

Concluding the list is Abdullah who not only watches but regularly plays as well.

So that rounds up a list of 10 people who I have found on twitter to have very sane opinions about football. They make the list because they are not blinded by the love they have for their favorite clubs and respect other clubs as well.

P.S the order of the list is in random.

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