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Twitter Pakistan Explodes as Rohail Hyatt is Back!

More than a decade ago, the Vital Signs artist Rohail Hyatt set out on a journey to re-discover his love for music. The idea was to live record performances that experimented by combining different musical influences ranging from classical folk to contemporary rock and pop. 

The project was funded by Coca-Cola which went on to become the biggest and the most integral part of the Pakistani music industry.

That being said, the show has recently delivered disaster after disaster in the last two seasons. One of the main reasons why fans think that Coke Studio is full of uninspiring performances and lackluster renditions is because of Hyatt’s absence.

Rohail Hyatt left the show back in 2014, after five straight years of producing the show. Now however, as the production team and artist lineup are being decided for the next season, the man is back

The news spread like wildfire and people could not hold back their excitement on Twitter.


With the return of Rohail Hyatt, some people wished to not to see Momina Mustehsan singing in Coke Studio again.

Don’t want to point fingers again, but come on…


Rohail Hyatt’s return is truly something to be enthralled about, as we hope it would bring back the same spirit to Coke Studio with which it was created.

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