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    Twitter finally launched Audio Tweets, starts with iOS

    Written text cannot express our emotions or feelings the way we actually mean them. A very simple word such as ‘Ok’ can have many interpretations to it, which can only be understood when spoken out loud with expressions.

    Composing a tweet
    Composing a tweet. Image via Twitter Blog

    Twitter understands the value of vocal expression and has introduced a new feature called Audio Tweets. Twitter announced this feature through their official blog page on Wednesday, June 17th 2020.

    Recording an audio tweet
    Recording an audio tweet. Image via Twitter Blog

    Twitter users can conveniently use this feature by tapping on the wavelength icon, record their tweet, add any additional text and tap done. Instead of being limited by 280 characters, users can voice out their tweets. Each audio tweet allows a record time of 140 seconds after which a new tweet automatically begins if the user continues to speak. The audio notes add a personal touch to your tweets and will make the tweets more communicative and expressive. Conveniently voicing out opinions and statements could allow stars and celebrities on twitter to connect with their followers.

    Playing an audio tweet
    Playing an audio tweet. Image via Twitter Blog

    The feature has some obstacles

    The feature initially does have some restrictions that twitter needs to sort out. Audio tweets can only be added to the original tweet, which means this feature will not work for replies or retweets. When an audio tweet is uploaded, the user profile picture is attached with it. This will remain a static image with the audio – if the profile picture is updated, the image with the audio does not change.

    Twitter is still testing the grounds with this feature. At the moment this feature is available only for some iOS users with no updates regarding android or web versions. Only time will tell how people will use this update to convey their thoughts and perspectives.    

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