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5 Things To Do When Your Twitter Timeline Gets Taken Over by Cricket Fanatics

I am not the biggest cricket fan. This means that unless it’s the World Cup and Pakistan is in the final; I will probably not watch the match or even know there is one on. I am so uninterested in cricket that I had to actually Google what this cup was called just to write this article.

When the Independence Cup was announced and all the matches were scheduled for Lahore, people went insane. Everyone posted the words ‘Cricket Comes Home’ on their social media; which became the unofficial tagline of this cup.

This homecoming of cricket was perhaps even more emotional than when Rahul returned home in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham!

Pakistan vs World XI Lahore Cricket


Whenever a cricket match is on, I only find out when all of my friends and family are AWOL. The suspicion is confirmed when I log-in to Twitter and Facebook and I see a barrage of posts which provide intense in-depth commentary that rivals Rameez Raja’s.

I know I should be happy that everyone is celebrating the return of cricket and Pakistani players are actually playing well (honestly, I have gathered our team can be rather lackluster in their performance at times from the posts I read after we lose).  But I get so darned bored! I avidly use Twitter so, during matches, it is like tweeting into a void. I could tweet that my house is on fire and no one would bat an eye (pun intended).

Whenever I refresh the timeline I see a slew of tweets about how much Misbah scored and what Afridi did.


But the number one reason I get annoyed during matches is that I miss the memes. People keep posting about the matches and nothing else. I need my daily fill of memes, yo!

If you are not a cricket fan like me and feel lost on Twitter amidst the storm of cricket related tweets, here are 5 things you can do to spend your time until the cricket season is over.

1. Watch Movies:

watch movies

I have a long list of movies that I have to watch and I am proud to say the list is now half of what it was.

2. Ponder the Meaning of Life:

Ponder the Meaning of Life

Okay, maybe I started thinking about the purpose of human life and ended up taking a 3-hour nap. I can neither confirm nor deny this.

3. Clean Your Room:

Clean Your Room

This made my mom happy. 10/10 would recommend.

4. Read a Book:

Read a Book

I finished two entire books. Books which I had been trying to finish reading since June!

5. Give up and Give in:

Give up and Give in

If you have done everything and the cricket series is still not over and you miss your friends, you can just give in and watch the remaining matches with them.

And truth be told, the enthusiasm and emotions of the crowd and my fellow countrymen might have been a little infectious.

Do you have a list of things you do to pass your time when a cricket series is going on? Comment and help people like you.

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