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Twitter blocks blasphemous tweets and accounts in Pakistan upon PTA requests

Blasphamous tweets are blocked in Pakistan by Twitter 
Twitter has deployed its Country Withheld Content Tool in Pakistan for the first time this month.

Twitter received 5 requests from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) during 5th May 2014 to 14th May 2014 for the removal of blasphemous tweets and accounts. PTA requested to Twitter under the violation of Pakistan Penal Code. In result, Twitter blocked 25 Twitter accounts and 34 tweets and Twitter search results in Pakistan. 

Most of the blocked Twitter usernames and tweets contain abuses about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) or making joke / cartoons about him. This act by Twitter will be helpful in decreasing anarchy on Pakistani social media and also on the roads.
A blocked Twitter account in Pakistan.
A blocked blasphemous tweet in Pakistan.
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Ahsan Saeed  Founder of Twittistaan. Works with Twitter as Urdu Localization Moderator. He contributes to the Urdu version of Global Voices and WhatsApp. Studied software engineering but loves to explore digital media. He tweets @aey

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