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Twinterview of Twitter’s Baji @BajiPlease

Twitter Interview of Baji Please
What is Twitter for you?
Twitter > Facebook + Google+ + LinkedIn + Instagram + Pinterest + Tumblr + MeetUp + Bebo
Your 5 favorite Tweeples and why?
I have more than 5 favorite people. 
·        @ZarrarKhuhro – Liberal, humorist, sensible.
·        @SalooDurrani – A patriotic Pakistani, knowledgeable and a sane voice I look up to.
·        @HashtagRao – Like my brother, he is. Caring, concerned and always around.
·        @R4biaUK, @Ammarttitude, @ShaistaZulfiqar, @SohaibTalal1, @SadeemSultan1 and @Rainnn_Drops Exuberant Pakistanis. My very favorite; my very own.
·        @WajSKhan – Sexy, witty, sardonic. He is a killing machine.
Describe your Twitter Timeline.
Neat – Jaisi mujhe pasand bilkul waisi.
Witty and super strong.
Knowledgeable, informative and updated – Just the way I like.
How is Twitter constructive? Did it work out for you? How?
I have hopped from one social network to another but nothing beats Twitter. It is lightning fast, immaculate, and short and snappy.
It works for me, yes, in the sense that I remain updated on news and information. I have met interesting people here. I voice my thoughts efficiently and make sure it is heard. I take Twitter as a playground where I frolic around but I also take it as a medium to learn.
What 5 qualities one needs to have to get BLOCKED by you on twitter?
I rarely block anyone but if I do, it must be because you are:
·        Trying to be excessively chummy and close to me. You stalk my online presence like a maniac. I like people from a distance. I am a private person.
·        Persistently and explicitly sexual and abusive. You abuse مُحَمَّد and Pakistan. 
·        All over my TL, favoring and replying to every silly tweet of mine. I.r.r.i.t.a.t.i.n.g!
·        A repugnant Indian Hindu obsessed with me.
·        Tagging me needlessly in a thread of tweets I have no business with.
Your 3 twitter crushes?
·        @SaroorIjaz– He is incredibly intelligent, masculine and elusive. My curiosity got better of me and I actually wanted to meet him. Not anymore though.
·        @MaryamNawazSharif – A beautiful woman with a beautiful heart. Mai sadqay MNS ke blush pe. She is nice and occasionally flirts with me.  (We both are straight though, at least I am.)
·        @NadeemFParacha – Mesmerizingly handsome and neat as a new pin.
You follow people because of their tweets, bio, profile pic or people who follow them?
Wit and intellect; if you have either or both, I will do your peecha on Twitter.
If someone abuses you on Twitter, what do you do?
I am indifferent.
Any Twitter advice for your followers?
Keep doing my peecha but zara parray parray se.
Your words for Twittistaan?
Twittistaan is a brilliant idea and totally dedicated to Twitter users. I often read this site especially the Twinterviews and interesting lists. Keep up the good work, team!
Interviewed by @aey

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