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Twinterview of Samra Muslim (@samramuslim)

[schema type=”person” name=”Samra Muslim” description=”Samra Muslim is a blogger, digital media and PR expert. She mostly tweets interesting articles about digital media and life style. ” country=”PK” ]

What is Twitter for you?

@samramuslim: My daily dose of sharing what I have learned and learning what I don’t know so far!

Your 5 favorite Tweeples and why?

Describe your Twitter Timeline.

@samramuslim: A little bit of everything – fun, fashion, movies, food, and madness … the only depressing people I follow are Yusra Askari and Norbert Almieda and they are friends in real life!!

Have you ever achieved something because of Twitter?

@samramuslim: Twitter to me is another social media platform. You don’t achieve things because of platforms; you achieve because of your actions and utilization of the platform – but the effort is your own to make!

We see our media these days warning parents to cross check their children on internet and social media, do you think it’s necessary?

@samramuslim: That’s completely between the parents and their children. I am no expert to comment – so all I say ‘live and let live’

You follow people because of their tweets, bio, profile pic or people who follow them?

@samramuslim: Their tweets ofcourse!!

Any Haters? If Yes, why do they hate you?

@samramuslim: I am sure there are people who don’t agree with my opinions or like me as a person (at least I would like to think I am THAT important to someone out there!!!).

Why? – only they can answer that question now

Where do you see Twitter Pakistan in next 2 years?

@samramuslim: A stronger marketing, networking and communications platform – people having ‘cracked’ the mystery that it’s not Facebook!!

Remove Twitter from your life and tell us where you stand now?

@samramuslim: Bored and sleeping earlier!

Your words for Twittistaan?

@samramuslim: Keep up with all that you are up to … and thank you for connecting!


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