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Twinterview of Rumaisa Mohani (@RumaisaMohani)

Rumaisa Mohani is one of the minds behind @PakistanGoGreen. She has been working in technology related to education and was awarded Best Entrepreneur/business plan (female) award in June 2012 by GIST & US State Deptt (out of 4500 entries). Rumaisa is grand-daughter of famous Urdu poet Molana Hasrat Mohani.

Who is your most favorite Twitterati?
  • MOst Fave twitterati : @AdilNajam @Jehan_ara @HussainHaqqani (for poetry tweets) @iamrana (for #shair ) @BahareMadina (for simple Islam)

    Your all time favorite tweet? (can be your own or someone else’s)

    Want to meet an amazing #Female #Entrepreneur from #Pakistan @RumaisaMohani http://t.co/mR2JMv48YH join the #GISTTransformer Success
    — GIST (@GISTinitiative) May 7, 2013

    What is the last Trend you took part in?
    • #ILovePakistan
    Have you ever blocked anyone on Twitter? If yes then why?
    • the accounts which were hacked or were spams mostly
    Have you ever loved someone you met on Twitter?
    • Loved ?  Not one 🙂 actually many. The campaigns for love of Pakistan made me learn abt true & selfless love, I met so many patriots here. And they were not only Pakistanis but many foreigners too.
    Name one Twitteratti you think he/she is fake?
    • Twitter is an online forum. People can present themselves in any way. One has every right to disclose or keep any info. Its our choice to follow them or not.
    Most funniest Twitteratti?

    • I enjoy reading tweets of all types, funny/not funny. Each tweet has some message/ human expression and its interesting to know. @Dufferistan tweets quite a lot of funny stuff in Urdu.
    Most boring Twitteratti?

    • Not anyone specific is boring. It all depends on one’s mood. I find the most interesting tweets like “I have nothing to tweet” :p

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