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Twinterview of Rehman Malik (@SenRehmanMalik)

Rehman Malik Twitter Interview
Rehman Malik is Senator, Former Interior Minister of Pakistan and leader of Pakistan People’s Party. He was the first Pakistan politician who got his Twitter account verified. He is popular among youth on Twitter for his responses and replies. 

@Twittistaan: What is Twitter for you?
@SenRehmanMalik: It is great tool of communication and 24 hours service is available  
@Twittistaan: Does Twitter help you for achieving your political goals?
@SenRehmanMalik: It is good mode of expression of views and helps in knowing others views.
@Twittistaan: How you feel when Pakistani youth talk and ask you for birthday wishes and retweets on Twitter?
@SenRehmanMalik: I feel great while communicating with my Pakistani youth. I love to interact with them. I can feel their emotions and desires. I always try to honor their requests of retweets.
@Twittistaan: Have you ever achieved something because of Twitter?
@SenRehmanMalik: Yes at least I know the views of people and improves my thought processes.
@Twittistaan: Who are your favorite people on Twitter?
@SenRehmanMalik: All my followers are my favorite people. I pray for every one.
@Twittistaan: Do you want to share anything funny happened on Twitter or any funny DM?
@SenRehmanMalik: Nothing funny
@Twittistaan: If someone abuses you on Twitter, what do you do?
@SenRehmanMalik: I never react and give polite response as elder and many times most of them have apologized either through tweets or DM.
@Twittistaan: Where do you see social media in Pakistan in next 5 years?
@SenRehmanMalik: I feel it will become a powerful tool in building opinion on different issues. I see no gender discrimination in it and people express their views like standing  and expressing in Hyde Park corner London.
@Twittistaan: Any Twitter advice for your followers?
@SenRehmanMalik: I value all my followers and respect their views and request to them let us be good Pakistani and avoid Munafqat. Let us learn to agree to disagree but without abuses/insults.
@Twittistaan: Your words for Twittistaan?
@SenRehmanMalik: Sorry for posing few questions on Twittistaan but I have found it as a good initiative. I wish Mr. Ahsan and his team the best of luck. Please create a Twitter chat box for Pak youth where they can have constructive chat through your website. Let us pray for our Beloved Country. Pakistan Zindabad.
Twinterviewed by @aey

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