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Twinterview of @FurSid

Twitter Interview of FurSid.

 FurSid is a technologist and photographer who contributes to the GettyImages. Working as a User Interface Developer in Karachi. He tweets really cool stuff from the cyber world. 

When did you join Twitter and what was your objective? 
@FurSid: I joined twitter on 22 March 2008. Just thought of trying out the new/trending social media.
Describe your Twitter timeline.
@FurSid: It’s a mix of technology, art, food, fashion, wit and current affairs.
Have you ever achieved something because of Twitter?
@FurSid: Yes. Many friends and enemies (apart from the reach and recognition for myself and my work i.e. photography and technology)
You follow people because of their tweets, bio, profile pic or people who follow them?
@FurSid: All of the mentioned reasons. Mainly because of their tweets and wit.
Where do you see Twitter Pakistan in next 2 years?
@FurSid: Much more cluttered and chaotic. More so an advertising medium than a conversation platform. 
Any interesting Twitter story? Share with us. 
@FurSid: Many twitter phaddas. Unfortunately, cant’ share any  
If someone abuses you on Twitter, what do you do?
@FurSid: I tend to ignore it. That works most of the times.
Your most favorite account on Twitter and why? 
@FurSid: Hard to single out anyone. However I enjoy tweets from @brainpickings, @BuzzFeed, @FastCoExist @FastCoDesign @FastCoCreate @FastCompany, @TheTweetOfGod
Remove Twitter from your life and tell us where you stand now? 
@FurSid: It would’ve been something else then. 
Your words for Twittistaan?
@FurSid: Commendable efforts for bringing the best and positive to the limelight. Looking forward for it to become hugely successful!
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