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Twinterview of Farhan Virk (@FarhanKVirk)

Farhan Khan Virk (@FarhanKVirk) is a script writer of Pakistani Twitter trends. Being very active on Twitter, he has trended dozens of hashtags on Twitter in Pakistan, including more than 5 trends in a single day. Lets ask him some questions and know how Twitter works in his life.

Who is Farhan Virk?

Farhan Virk is just a common man who once used to observe big accounts on twitter and never got any RT or followers so he made a fake account to get famous but ultimately found out that being “Real” is all that matters!

What is Twitter for you?

Twitter for me is an important medium through which we can raise those issues on mainstream media which have had never been raised. We tried many times and succeeded. In future I see entire politics shifting here from ground level.

How did you become a Trendsetter?

I used to update people about Dharna, I remember the first trend we launched was #CowardModi after India killed 13 at Pakistan border on Eid ul Fitr and after that I saw people getting addicted to trending as we did not just project our thoughts but gave others an opportunity to present their own thoughts on such HT’s and soon trending got viral. I don’t see political trending now going down in twitter, even if I stop.

What’s your objective to achieve from Twitter?

My objective is to achieve what mainstream media fails to give “The Truth”. Day by day, the mainstream media is getting biased and public realize this fact, social media is used to search for the truth, people are connected to us because we tell the truth

Define your Twitter timeline.

haha, my twitter timeline is not mine, It is always filled with retweets, some people might call it spamming but as far as i have seen, those who follow me, love it and even I fail to figure why!

How many Twitter love stories so far?

HAHAHAHAHA, well zero. My medical class has 280 girls and 40 boys! We start feeling allergic to love after this experience!

Who inspires you on Twitter?

To be honest, when I was not famous, I was inspired by Pakistani liberals a lot, they used to rule twitter that time and I used to wait for their replies and tagged them for RT’s, I could never imagine my twitter account like this one day! I followed their trends and now they hate mine, time does change!

What if someday @MubasherLucman joins PML-N, what will be your first tweet about him?

“Guys, Whoever earns a block from @MubasherLucman today will get an FF from me, Start working”

What’s your greatest achievement on Twitter so far?

My biggest achievement is that I was a nobody and I used to work on twitter more than 18 hours a today, do networking and now I come on mainstream media, party leaders, not just of the party I support but even my opponents know me and for a common 23 year old man like me, It is an amazing thing, I never expected life to be this! Media anchors, models, they often look to us for social media support on different issues!

After all the negativity on social media, don’t you think you should try to spread some positive waves instead of political hatred?

This is not negativity, people use social media to end their frustration! Loadshedding, gas shortage, petrol shortage, price hike. These issues are enough to cause frustration! People use social media as a channel to vent it and we provide them a platform. Best thing about twitter is that you can directly address those politicians you love or hate here! Unlike Facebook.

What’s your message for new Pakistani Twitter users?

If you guys want to reach heights on social media, never feel proud or develop an attitude problem, listen to people, follow them with a big heart, RT them, make a huge network and you can be a celebrity on social media in no time!

 Twinterviewed by @aey

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  1. Thank you for bringing us from all over the world and making us a Pakistani team and give us the opportunity to participate with you folks, great work !

  2. “No matter how hard the battle gets he Never give up!” and belives in “Change may not be easy, but it’s possible.”
    I saw twitter world though his tweets and it is great honor to follow him and even greater honor to be followed back.

  3. Well done Bro…to avoid from criticism do nothing be nothing if you do something, criticism will be there ….keep it up good luck ……
    Me on Twitter @IAmMunir_PTI

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