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Twinterview of Aisha Zahid Randhawa aka @HariMirchein

Twinterview Of Hari Mirchein
Aisha Randhawa (@HariMirchein) is a digital marketer and part of team @14ActsForPakistan.

Who is your most favorite Twitterati?

  • My favorite Twitterartis are: @norbalm and @oOol_JaLoOl

Who are the last 5 people you followed on Twitter?

  • I mostly follow news or info sourcing twitter accounts, so the last 5 are: @AsimBajwaISPR, @SaimaMohsin, @Ammar_Haider, @hyzaidi, @shobz

Your all time favorite tweet? (can be your own or someone else’s)

Virtues asking @HariMirchein for validation of its veracity and verity.
— Maverick (@Riz_119) October 12, 2013

What is the last Trend you took part in?
  • Trend I took part in: #JubileeLifeSupportsAvanti
Have you ever blocked anyone on Twitter? If yes then why?
  • I usually don’t block I just ignore trolls. I don’t remember the last time I blocked anybody.
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