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Twinterview of Abeer Ali (@Kabeeraaaaa)

Twinterview of Abeer Ali aka @Kabeeraaaaa
Abeer Ali is a amateur Pakistani singer and musician lives in London, UK.
What is Twitter for you?
It is a place to interact with new and interesting people.
Describe your Twitter Timeline.
It’s amazingly ridiculous.
Your 5 favorite Tweeples and why?
Far more than five. Laraai hojaani hai, rehne do :p
What 5 qualities one needs to have to get BLOCKED by you on twitter?
I think we all know who mostly gets blocked, Relatives!(?)
Have you ever achieved something because of Twitter?
Countable fans of my Amateur music I suppose. And some good friends.
How would you define ‘Music and Twitter’ connection?
A very good place to market your music.
Your 3 twitter crushes? Be honest. 😉
Bhai koi nai hai crush waghera. Hadd karte hou :p
Remove Twitter from your life and tell us where you stand now?
Right now I’m sitting right beside my room’s back door, enjoying the view of lawn. So yes, I’ll be here.
Any Twitter advice for your followers?
Bohat achay ho sab, aisay he rehna hamesha.
Your words for Twittistaan?
Keep doing what you’re doing, It’s a good stratagem. 
To know more about Abeer and his music experiments, join him on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AbeerAliOfficial
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