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Twinterview of Norbert Almeida (@norbalm)

Twinterview of Norbert
Twinterview of Norbert Almeida aka @norbalm

[schema type=”person” name=”Norbert Almeida” url=”www.norbalm.com” description=”Norbert Almeida is a security professional and blogger. He is known for his safety and #KHIAlerts tweets on Twitter.” city=”Karachi” country=”PK” email=”ask@norbalm.com” ]

What is Twitter for you?

@norbalm: Work, Fun, Being able to share my knowledge for free

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What kind of content you tweet?

@norbalm: For most my tweets are about security incidents and measures to avoid becoming a victim

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Have you ever achieved something because of Twitter?

@norbalm: I’ll have to say having a regular column in Dawn, that too my first ever stint at writing for a newspaper, has come about because of twitter. I initially posted helpful tips on twitter until a friend who was following these tips said i should blog too. My posts on the blog got noticed by the current Editor of Dawn Magazine who liked the idea and asked me to write the column.

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Describe your timeline and Twitter Pakistan?

@norbalm: My TL in the words of my followers is “Depressing but the kind that can not be avoided” “Helpful in the absence of the authorities doing their job” As for Twitter in Pakistan there’s something for everyone you just need to look for it.

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What characteristics one should have to get your ‘follow back’?

@norbalm: Tweet regular, Not be offensive, Talk about something that i haven’t heard about (new food places, a holiday destination, music, motor sports)

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Favorite Tweeters?

@norbalm: Ah this is a tough one… to be honest depending on the topic that’s trending i generally follow some for that period and then unfollow .. but @OmarWaraich is one who throws up informative tweets on a very regular basis and @AsadNasir80 because you can always find something to laugh about on his TL

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Have you initiated any campaign or project using Twitter?

@norbalm: While i wouldn’t call it a campaign two things that am glad to have done is one create the Hashtag #KHIAlerts and since added to it with #ISBalerts #LHRalerts etc this has enabled people to get a quick update on things happening from a security perspective. On a lighter note one things am proud of is #MHDFKHI Must Have Desi Food Karachi which was modified from #MHFKHI @faisalkapadia was tweeting a few years back about food with #MHFKHI tag. We decided why just talk about it lets meet up and eat and so the first meet up was held at Zahid Nihari on Tariq Road in Nov 2011 with just 4 people, since then we’ve had 30 such meetups and the number of participants avg 20+. The aim is to get together enjoy a good DESI meal at some of the most famous food joints in Karachi.

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Being a security person, how would you respond to a DM sent by a beautiful stranger lady?

@norbalm: Well i’d have to be following her first wouldn’t i to get her DM :). That said don’t be fooled by the DP, there have been many instances of people faking.

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Suggest Twittistaan readers some cool tweeters to follow.

@norbalm: @pawspakistan (animal care) @PoliceMediaCell (official karachi police news) @arabiaenquirer (humour) @hyzaidi (the film man)

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Your words for Twittistaan?

@norbalm: The idea behind it is great but there should be more mentions of people from outside Karachi or in general not the ones most talked about.

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