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Twinterview: @aey’s Interview by @aurAdil

@aey's interview by @auradil for Twittistaan
Interviewed by: @aurAdil

Ahsan is founder of Twittistaan. He works with Twitter as Urdu Localization Moderator, also contributes to the Urdu version of Global Voices and WhatsApp. He has studied software engineering but works in digital media marketing. 

@aurAdil: What are your favorite social websites and why? In order please.
@aey: I mostly use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Of course, Twitter allows me say what I cannot express on other platforms. Facebook is limited in many ways while Twitter isn’t. 
@aurAdil: Is Twitter better than Facebook? If Yes, then why?
@aey: For individuals, yes. Twitter har insan ki personality define kerta hai. Har user khud main aik brand ban jata hai. Aur mere khayal main Facebook individuals se zyada brands k liay zyada behtar hai.
@aurAdil: Your 3 twitter crushes?
@aey: Many. Roz aik naya hua hota hai. 3 k naam likhun ga tou baqiyon k sath na-insafi hogi. Isliay miss karayen! 
@aurAdil: 5 most favorite tweeps?
@aey: Wese tou mujhe apni poori following list hi pasand hai lekin main un logon k naam loonga jin se mera taluq Twitter ki had tak hi hai. 
@Jafar_hussein: inki har tweet se kuch na kuch seekhta hoon.
@ProudPakistanii: Ye tab se meri help ker rahi hain jab mujhe yahan koi janta nahi tha. 
@ahsanhaseeb: For all his humorous tweets, especially Punjabi ones.
@BawliSi: My first best friend on Twitter
@a4ambitious: From help to suggestions, she is always there. 
Baqi wo sab log jinhon ne meri har tarah help ki obviously mere favorite hain, wo sab ye hain
@aurAdil: How is Twitter constructive? Did it work out for you? How?
@aey: Depends how you use it. Agar aap isliay atay hain k ghar walay salan pakanay k baad bhi aap ko nahi batatay k kya paka hai tou aap gaaliyon aur trolling se tou kuch constructive nahi ker pao ge. Yes it worked for me very well. Twitter Urdu and Twittistaan are examples for you. Twitter gives me ideas, content, people and friends. That’s enough I guess. 
@aurAdil: Any Haters? If Yes, why do they hate you?
@aey: Haters 2 wajah se hote hain. Aik agar aap koi bura kaam ker rahay hon tou obviously log bura kahain ge, doosra agar aap acha kaam kar rahay hain aur log tanqeed ker k apna time pass kerte rehte hain. Aise logon ne bhi jeena hota hai, jeenay do. 
@aurAdil: What 5 qualities one needs to have to get BLOCKED by you on twitter?
Spammer / Fake
Totally abusive
Maila Indian
Aasteen K Saanp
One with “Keera”
@aurAdil: Where do you see your relationship with twitter in next 2 years?
Twitter k sath meri relationship shyd iss se agay nahi ja sakti, unless Jack Dorsey apni behn ki shadi mujhse ker de. 
@aurAdil: We see our media these days warning parents to cross check their children on internet and social media, do you think its necessary? Elaborate your own personal experience.
@aey: Ab 13, 14 saal k bachay jab 69 se le ker 100 tak ki counting kerne lagay honge tou parents ko thori bohat fiker tou kerni chahiye. Meri family especially mere abbu aur bhai mujhpe kafi nazar rakhtay thay, lekin mujhe humesha koi blog banatay ya zyada se zyada Facebook pages pe sar khapatay hi paatay thay. (Baqi aap k bhai ki skills hain :p ) 
@aurAdil: What did you achieve and who influenced you the most? 
@aey: Mujhe sab se zyada fakhar tab hota hai jab Pakistani aur baqi dunya mere Twitter Urdu aur Twittistaan k kaam ki tareef kerti hai, phir ehsaas hota hai k thora hi sahi lekin kuch tou ker paya hoon. 
Aaj kal ki dunya main jis cheez ko kaamyabi kaha jata hai wo sab mujhe Twitter k through hi mili hain. Mujhe har koi kisi na kisi tarah influence kerta rehta hai, lekin sab se zyada credit main apne bhai Talha ko doonga, wo mera ideal hai. 
@aurAdil: Erase ‘Twitter’ from your life completely. Now tell us who is Ahsan?
@aey: Ahsan is less productive now, but still very active online. Koi 30, 40 Facebook pages tou zaroor chala raha hota. 
@aurAdil: Any interested love stories to share with your readers?
@aey: Haan WhatsApp pe ajao, Deepika se Emma Watson tak sab batata hoon. 

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