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    First Trip To Northern Pakistan? Experts Say Take These Things With You!

    Your lifelong dream is about to come true. You are going to northern Pakistan for the first time. You will be breathing in the fresh air, seeing the cherry blossom trees, and meeting new people. Ah, just the thought has instantly refreshed your mind, hasn’t it? But let’s not get ahead of yourself. There is a very important thing you need to do before you can enjoy the beauty of nature in abundance. And that is packing. Now, what should and shouldn’t you take with you on your trip? You are going to see the mountains, not to meet your khala. So suitcases are out. But hey, we are no experts so we decided to ask those who have been there and done that.

    What Did Our Facebook Experts Say:

    First, we asked a travelers group on Facebook that what are the 5 essentials everyone should take with them when visiting northern Pakistan for the first time. And the answers were both informative and entertaining. Subul Hashmi gave us a simple list: 1. First aid kit. 2. Umbrellas. 3. Proper Shoes. 4. Warm clothes. 5. Empty bin bags for dirty clothes. Abdus Samad reminded people to always expect below zero temperature at night in those areas. That’s why his suggestion list included a warm jacket among other things. Ahmed Aslam recommended a good powerbank, and we also learned that solar powerbanks are the better choice for these areas. For those going for trekking, Jwhaider Haider’s list included trekking shoes and sticks, gloves, sunglasses, stamina for traveling, and a day’s food in the vehicle. Shafqat Tiwana warned people against drinking tap water.

    Northern Pakistan Travel Accessories

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    The one thing that everyone recommended was sunblock so make sure you don’t forget that. And also money or as Ali Mumtaz said on Facebook: Quaid baba. Saqib Mobeen said that no matter where you go, do not litter and we thought that was probably the best suggestion.

    Instagram Travelers:

    We posed the same question to travelers from Instagram who are always making us jealous with their breathtaking nature shots and here is what they had to say:

    Feroza Gulzar:

    Feroza has not only been to Northern Pakistan but also to Turkey, Nepal, and Europe. She gave us a list of 12 items that everyone should have with them when they are traveling. The items are:

    1. Quick drying thermal clothes and wool socks.
    2. Sunglasses.
    3. Warm but light jacket.
    4. Boots with Gore-tex.
    5. Toiletries.
    6. Sleeping bag, insulator, and lightweight camp.
    7. First-aid kit.
    8. Raincoat.
    9. Bandana. (to protect yourself from the harsh sun)
    10. Small towel.
    11. Knife.
    12. Headlight.
    Usman Zubair:

    Usman Zubair is the Instagrammer you are more likely to run into when you are somewhere in northern Pakistan than in Multan where he actually lives. He had a suggestion for those who want to travel on bikes as he has accomplished that task himself: do not forget to take the pump air puncture kit with you. He also said that a torch is a must.

    Photo of Northern Pakistan by Usman Zubair

    Photo by Usman Zubair

    Humza Sheikh:

    Humza thinks that his age should be calculated by how many trips he has taken among other things. So we had to ask him his list of essentials. Although he agreed with other travelers’ list. He added a couple of his ideas too. A sim card that works good in the northern areas, it’s called SCOM sim, your camera, and your headphones are the things you must take with you on your trip. Now whether you are a hobbyist photographer or a professional one, you can’t leave your camera and lenses behind.

    Danish Khan:

    Next up we asked the vlogger from Islamabad what does he think a first-time traveler should take on his/her journey and he gave us some pretty good tips. He said if you want to save money, take a camp with you and if you plan on doing too much hiking, pack light clothes. Danish also recommended painkillers and common cold medicines.

    Northern Pakistan by Danish Khan

    Photo by Danish Khan

    Muhammad Usman:

    And lastly, we talked to Muhammad Usman who has traveled to northern Pakistan for both work and pleasure. He has photographed the beauty of Hunza, Khunjerab, Chitral in every imaginable way. Usman’s list included a good pair of shoes, sunscreen (how many reminders do you need? just put it in your bag already!), round hat to cover your face and neck, water bottle, and a good backpack.

    Now that you have read our expert’s suggestions, you are ready to pack the essentials you will need on your journey. So get packing and good luck.

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