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Trends Watch: #AltafHussainArrested and #WeLoveAltaf

 Altaf Hussain Arrested Trend

After the news of MQM leader Altaf Hussain’s detention on main stream media, Twitter Pakistan got “Bhai Zoned” for the whole day. In just 5 hours, people have tweeted more than 15K tweets using #AltafHussainArrested hashtag. It started trending worldwide in just two hours and trending at the top in Pakistan.

On the other hand, followers of Altaf Hussain and MQM workers started tweeing using  #WeLoveAltaf hashtag, which also started trending in Pakistan, then went worldwide late night. 

#AltafHussainArrested: total 25.6K tweets so far
#WeLoveAltaf: total 22.9K tweets so far 

Altaf Hussain Trends Worldwide
Courtesy: @oOol_JaLoOl
We have collected some interesting tweets under the #AltafHussainArrested hashtag and showcasing them on Twittistaan.

#AltafHussainArrested This is the best I came across. pic.twitter.com/XeDnJgWQxy
— Muneeb. (@imuneebali) June 3, 2014

#Karachi walon, i hope you guys have 2 months of groceries and ditches in your homes. #AltafHussainArrested
— Farrukh Ahmed (@That_AndroidGuy) June 3, 2014

This is what happened to the KSE 100 index after news of Altaf Hussain’s arrest. #Karachi #AltafHussainArrested pic.twitter.com/rvyCD3rcri
— Ahmer Murad (@AhmerMurad) June 3, 2014

Altaf Hussain, ‘I demand trial by combat!’ Sheikh Rasheed, ‘I’ll be your champion!’ Altaf Hussain, ‘ Really?’ Sheikh Rasheed, ‘Lulz no!’
— Ser Zain The Paindu (@zain_qasmani) June 3, 2014

LMFAO #AltafHussainArrested pic.twitter.com/iUHMjOfZPF
— MarjanLFC_SherKhan (@marjan94) June 3, 2014

#Karachi #Fact #AltafHussainArrested pic.twitter.com/YHuYc6QDrD
— شاعرِ جنوب (@syedatifali) June 3, 2014

#Jinnah over #AltafHussainArrested.. Well. pic.twitter.com/kggEcqRyOV
— Phizoo (@FizzaRahman) June 3, 2014

Live pictures from London. #AltafHussainArrested pic.twitter.com/tFdE3LZs45
— karachikhatmal (@karachikhatmal) June 3, 2014

.@farhadjarral wearing black ribbon in solidarity with QeT #MQM Altaf Hussain #WeAreAltaf #WeLoveAltaf pic.twitter.com/4VuF5KaHVI
— Elyas Kakar (@ElyasKakar) June 3, 2014

Sit-in at Nomish Chowrangi, Karachi. We all are Altaf #WeLoveAltaf pic.twitter.com/rDd3qzGaos
— Nida Khan Yousufzai (@NidaYousufzai) June 3, 2014

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