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Trends on Twitter: Translate Movies In Urdu

Twitter Pakistan Trends, Translate Movies In Urdu

Twitter Pakistan is a space where you’ll find something unique and new everyday. Pakistani tweeters love to find new hash tags and trending topics. Whenever they are bored, they do little chit-chats and decide the next hash tag. One of the latest and interesting hash tag is #TranslateMoviesInUrdu, you’ll find extra funny tweets and won’t able to stop your laughter. Let Twittistaan share some of them with you. 

#TranslateMoviesInUrdu How to lose a guy in 10 days – Meera ki Mangani

Aisa kero ge to kon aye ga! (Darling, how could you? )#TranslateMoviesInUrdu

This Means War – Hum Karachi Aagaye #TranslateMoviesInUrdu

#TranslateMoviesInUrdu Transporter ~> Ghulam Ahmad Bilor

#TranslateMoviesInUrdu The unstoppable…. Imran khan’s Tsunami

Devil’s Advocate – Aitazaz Ehsan #TranslateMoviesInUrdu

Total Recall – Gen Asad Durrani. #TranslateMoviesInUrdu

#TranslateMoviesInUrdu (spiderman) ashraf jaally wala

Abdul Satar Edhi – ( A Mighty Heart.) #TranlsateMoviesInUrdu

#TranslateMoviesInUrdu 127 Hours – Pappu Aur Kati Pahaari

Mushkil Mansooba (Mission impossible) #TranslateMoviesInUrdu

#TranslatemoviesinUrdu Mr and Mrs Smith – Hussain Haqqani and Farahnaz Isphani

Garma Garam Bachi (The Hot Chick) #TranslateMoviesInUrdu

Haseena aur Darinda – Beauty & The Beast #TranslateMoviesInUrdu

#TranslateMoviesInUrdu paris when it sizzles – paris main, jub barfaani kharao!

#translateMoviesInUrdu find me guilt – mujhay rangay haathon pakro

#TranslateMoviesInUrdu Resident Evil ( firdous Ashiq Awan)

#TranslateMoviesInUrdu “Ammi ki Wapsi” The Mummy Returns..

Paranormal Activites – Altaf Hussain Ki Funkarian#TranslateMoviesInUrdu

Man of The Year – #AghaWaqar #TranslateMoviesInUrdu

#TranslateMoviesInUrdu dawaton ka maulana fazulRehman-Party Monster.

#TranslateMoviesInUrdu Bilalwal, Bakhtawar aur Asifa (The Little Rascals)

#TranslateMoviesInUrdu – The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly – China, America, aur Fazl ur Rehman

#TranslateMoviesInUrdu Taken 2 : Do Dafa Ley Li 😛

Captain Safdar – Bodyguard #TranslateMoviesInUrdu

Jamal aur Jamila (Jack and Jill) #TranslateMoviesInUrdu

#TranslateMoviesInUrdu The Lightning Thief راجہ رینٹل

#TranslateMoviesInUrdu “Paranormal activities” — “Rehman Baba Ki Bandishain” :p

#translateMoviesInUrdu 50 first dates – pachaas pehli rangeen mulaqatein

#TranslateMoviesInUrdu Inception – Ganday Khawab

Do you know how to use Twitter in Urdu?

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