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Trends on Twitter: The Wounded Nation Is Remembering Salala

The Wounded Nation Is Remembering Salala
Image Courtesy: The News Tribe

On the day of November 26, 2011, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Apache Helicopters entered in Pakistani border from Afghanistan, killed 24 Pakistani soldiers and wounded 13 others at Salala check-post in Mohmand Agency. 

After a year on 26 November 2012, Pakistani Tweeters posted tweets #RememberingSalala on Twitter. They told the world and their so-called leaders that how much angry and sad they are, and how much they care about their soldiers and heroes. 

We are sharing some tweets here.

I thought it was the moment we needed as a nation to wake up.#RememberingSalala

They fought & stood against the might of US Army with small arms, they fought side by side, they gave courage a new name#RememberingSalala

#RememberingSalala Those nations that forget their past, their Future Forgets them. #SalalaMartyrs

One tag #RememberingSalala and … I just Can’t explain the mixed feelings of sadness and anger in words..

When a nation who sacrificed the most for the war against #terrorismwas ruthlessly deceived #RememberingSalala

Shaheed ki jo mout hai wo qoum ki hayat hai.. #RememberingSalala

Rang laye ga shaheedon ka lahu.. #RememberingSalala

Image Courtesy: Dunya News

So one year and we still dont know we are with or against NATO. The madness continues #RememberingSalala

Aye Puttar Hatta’n Tey Nahi Wikdey….. #RememberingSalala

Ye ghazi ye tere pur israr banday,, Jinhein tu ne bakhsha hai zouq e khudaayi #RememberingSalala

#RememberingSalala and thinking about aid our establishment got from US in return of NATO supply.

Read Last Year Newspaper 4 Assignment & 2day I Surely Can Say That Our Chief, PM, Defense & Foreign Ministers Are Cowards#RememberingSalala

26/11 Mumbai Attacks – 26/11 Salala Check Post attack. Co Incidence or Revenge? #RememberingSalala

Apni Jaan Nazar Karon, Apni Wafa Paish Karon. Qoum Ke Mard-e-Mujahid Tujhko Kya Paish Karon. #RememberingSalala

They fought & stood against the might of US Army with small arms, they fought side by side, they gave courage a new name.#rememberingsalala

#RememberingSalala when was proved who are our friend and who are enemy.Despite 1 year no excuse.

They faced bullets for us ..we salute the martyrs of #Salala#RememberingSalala

The army chief will just give a speech and the martyrs who have left behind their wives, kids & parents will be forgotten#RememberingSalala

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