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Trends on Twitter: #RehmanMalikKiKasam

Trends on Twitter: Rehman Malik Ki Kasam

Rehman Malik is Pakistani interior minister who has his own way to control terrorism in the country. Due to a national mistake he has a remote control in his childish hands and he started using it to fulfill his internal pleasure. 
Pakistani tweeters got an idea to vent their inner anger for mobile ban and pillion riding ban for many days imposed by Interior Minister Rehman Malik. They started to tweet with a taunting hash tag, #RehmanMalikKiKasam. You’ll read most of funny tweets in this hash tag but some of them are outstanding. 

We are sharing some tweets here.

  • Sara Juju Muzammil Says, Sick of the mobile networks being down! #RehmanMalikKiKasam

  • Aimon says, #RehmanMalikKiKasam mere toothpaste mein namak nhi hai

  • Ahsan says, Agar aap phone hath main le k signals ka wait ker rahay hain, tou #RehmanMalikKiKasam aap k pas Nokia 3310 hai. #WhatsAppBaby

  • انڈا پراٹھا says, پاکستان میں اب کبھی بھی موبائل سروس بند نہیں ہوگی ۔۔۔ نہیں یقین ۔۔۔۔ #RehmanMalikKiKasam

  • AbdusSamad says, #RehmanMalikKiKasam Choudhry Nisar k baal naqli hain !!

  • Fizza Malik says, When you realize that you’ve got chemistry test in the morning and you forgot to study. #RehmanMalikKiKasam dil toot jata ha :p

  • Manshoor Ahmad says, Janu !!! What is ur PTCL number #RehmanMalikKiKasam

  • Rabel Hina says, #RehmanMalikKiKasam Degree degree hoti hai chahe asli ho ya jaali!

  • Omar says, #RehmanMalikKiKasam mai jeans har maheenay dhota hu.

  • S-a-f-a | MUFC says, #RehmanMalikKiKasam i have nothing to tweet =/

  • Usama baig says, #RehmanMalikKiKasam qaum marr gayi par bhutto phr b zinda hai 😀

  • Sundus Hussain says, #RehmanMalikKiKasam i love it when you reply with “K”. K?

  • Danish Khan says, #RehmanMalikKiKasam kubhi kasam nah khana.

  • Mahnoor Shahid says, Zardari aik bahut hi naik insaan hai aur usse Pakistan bahut pasand hai. #RehmanMalikKiKasam

  • Muhammad Usman Iqbal says, we r living in a country of great fools.2 persons on bike r banned and 5 in a car & 3 in riksha r allowed.how foolish yr#RehmanMalikKiKasam

  • Roha says, Mai tumhe ignore nai kar rai thi. Reply karne kay liye credit nai tha.#RehmanMalikKiKasam

  • Rukh says, Agar app #RehmanMalikKiKasam kha rhay hae to no doubt app chichoray hae..
  • Ahsan says, Agar aap Saib kha rahay hain tou #RehmanMalikKiKasam aap Kela kha rahay hain!

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