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“Trashtag Challenge” is one of the best things that happened on the Internet recently

We all know how social media trends can make people do really weird things. From jumping out of their cars and doing a dance step to consuming laundry detergent. However, a very welcoming trend has hit the internet recently, which isn’t based around entertainment or pop culture, but on Saving the Planet.

 The challenge was originally started by UCO in 2015, a company that makes outdoor gear, to encourage people to step out from their homes, look for places that are littered and pick up the trash. The project soon died down in March 2016 without making any noticeable difference. However, after one Reddit user posted a picture of the challenge, it quickly caught on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #Trashtag Challenge. The rules of the challenge are simple:

  1. Find a littered area and take a picture
  2. Clean up the place and take a picture
  3. Post a picture a before and after picture with the hashtag #Trashtag

Here are some of the best pictures that netizens have posted so far…

Some of the before and after pictures show quite an astounding difference on the area…

And there seems to be some collaborative efforts as well…

While there may be naysayers to this trend arguing that the garbage collected will only be dumped into landfill site just a few miles away, many people don’t understand the dangers of littered places.

When garbage decomposes, it leeches out harmful toxins into the soil, which then also spreads into the air and water, ultimately harming the people, animals and plants around in the area. This is why, garbage should only be present in dedicated landfill sites, where they pose no danger to the environment.

Let’s hope that this trend is soon adopted by Internet user in Pakistan and we get to see some clean pictures of our cities.

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