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    The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale has arrived in Pakistan

    Imagine sneaking out of your house at midnight to go to a bookstore, spending the entire night browsing through the titles and leaving the place with your favourite books at dawn. As thrilling as it sounds, it seems a far fetched idea because no bookstore remains open after 11 at night. However, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale has turned this far fetched idea into reality.

    The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale which claims to be the biggest book sale in the world arrived in Pakistan on 19th April claiming to offer 50-90% discounts on new and original books. In addition to massive discounts, this book sale runs round the clock so you can go book shopping not only at 3pm but also at 3 am.

    The sale is happening at Expo Center Lahore from 19th to 29th April, 2019.

    There is a wide range of options available to cater readers of every genre and every age. The courteous and helpful staff helps in making the experience even more pleasant. It is particularly noteworthy that a wide variety of graphic novels, comics and adult colouring books are available at such nominal prices.

    The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is here till 29th April at Expo Center, Lahore with its massive discounts and round the clock service so if you do intend to pay a visit, make sure you have ample time because browsing through the whole section takes a lot of time and don’t forget to carry a water bottle and a wallet full of cash because there’s no such thing as too many books. Also, if you post a creative picture of your haul from the sale with their hashtag, you may be able to win a voucher worth 1500 rupees.

    Happy book shopping!

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