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    Telenor Shines Once Again with Innovative Corona Communication

    In the time of a global pandemic, brands are coming forward with ways to help their communities and consumers across the planet. Locally, on one hand we have seen some great messaging by brands whereas on the other hand we have also witnessed forced and stale communication which shows a clear lack of thought.

    In these tough times, Telenor Pakistan has once again shone above the rest and proven to be a socially responsible organization by spreading awareness of the preventive measures against this pandemic in an innovative and timely manner.

    Telenor Pakistan, being one of the leading telecom operators in the country, has access to 46+ million people via their closest companions, their mobile phones.

    The number one way to prevent further spread of COVID-19 and to safeguard themselves and their families, people need to practice strict social distancing. Case studies from South Korea and Italy show that the only reason South Korea managed to contain the spread of the Corona Virus was through social distancing, something Italy failed to do in the initial stages.

    Telenor started promoting this message to the Pakistani public by doing something that no other telco has ever done before.

    Stay Home

    Telenor decided to change the name of its network bar that is displayed at the top of mobile screens to “Stay Home”. Two seemingly insignificant words that had a more than significant impact.

    Since mobile devices are something that customers always have on hand, this move is a smart and different way of getting their attention and spreading awareness.

    The discontinuation of the official network name with the network bar signal shows that Telenor is a completely selfless organization that prioritizes the needs of the country and its customers over its commercial objectives.

    This ongoing activity, which started somewhere last week, is being rolled out to the whole customer base of 46+ million Telenor customers across the country. There are certain limitations to the deployment, and this messaging may not be visible on certain handsets. However, if you are a Telenor customer, be sure to check if your home bar shows the ‘Stay Home’ message and be sure to take a screenshot and share it with your friends and family on social media to convince them to stay home too.

    Besides this, Telenor is using other mediums of communication such as the power of social media to spread general awareness around this pandemic to the whole of Pakistan. You can view details of their campaign under the hashtag #TelenorSaathHai on social media.

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