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Telenor Pakistan Launched ‘Pin It’ To Help People During the Pandemic

COVID-19 has brought the masses together to fight against it. Not only people, but also organizations are playing their part in combating these times of crisis. Telenor Pakistan has taken one such initiative to stop the further spread of this virus, fulfilling the social responsibility they have towards people as a brand.

What is Telenor Pin It?

Telenor has introduced a new feature by the name of PIN IT in its flagship digital app, MyTelenor App. As the lockdown across the country eases, it is essential that people don’t step out of their homes unnecessarily and only do so if crucial, by enabling digital collaboration amongst Har Pakistani.

How will this feature help?

The PIN IT feature allows people to tag the status of essential outlets (like grocery stores, pharmacies, petrol station, super stores, Telenor & Easy Paisa retailers). This way people will know which outlets are open near them and don’t step out unnecessarily to eventually find them closed. The lesser people step out, the lesser the risk of being exposed to the virus.

How does Telenor Pin It work?

The PIN IT feature is very easy to use. Open it from the MyTelenor App. Select location of the essential outlets on the map, update the status whether the particular outlet is open or closed, submit to create the pins. This way, people will help each other through updating the status.

Telenor has once again demonstrated its paradigm of public responsibility and commitment. Not only they have previously brought people together, but now they are providing a platform through which people could help each other and everyone could be benefited. It stays intact on its promise of #TelenorSaathHai

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