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This Clever Marketing Strategy by Telenor has Become an Instant Hit

When it comes to telecommunication companies in Pakistan, Telenor has always outshined its competitors by communicating in a very well planned and creative way to its customers. Their latest billboard stunt is another example of their ability to capture the attention of their audience through word play and agile communication.

Telenor recently placed a billboard on the central junction in Rawalpindi in-between two of its competitors, Jazz and Zong. The billboard read “Na Daien Na Baien…Seedha Telenor 4G par aain” with Sohai Ali Abro posing ‘like a boss’. The idea is to take a subtle dig at the billboards that are placed on either side and ask the customers to make the right choice by selecting Telenor over the others.


Telenor Pakistan’s billboard at Kutchery Chowk, Rawalpindi.

We have to appreciate the ability of Telenor to speak the language of its target audience and interact using the same rhetoric which is resulting in high engagement.  The billboard has become a source of chuckles from the amused roadsters passing-by the junction.

We’re constantly looking at out-of-home advertising, but we have to admit that Pakistani advertising landscape is devoid of many out of the box examples. Marketing campaign such as these show that competition does not have to be cut throat all the time, but can also be entertaining provided that the right opportunities are utilized at the right time. Let’s hope we get to see more examples such as these.

We have to hand it to Telenor’s marketing team, as they are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to communicate with customers to create a bigger impact and deliver the message in the best way possible. Their marketing campaigns are always well planned, aptly timed and rightly placed which is very much evident from this recent hoarding.

Telenor is on a mission to upgrade the digital lifestyle of Pakistanis with their high-speed Telenor 4G and empower the digital consumers in Pakistan.

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