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    How These Students of A Levels Are Changing The Lives of Their School’s Support Staff

    No one can deny the importance of education but there are many children in our country who get denied their right to study. Many organizations work to help those children. And although these NGOs can’t possibly help all the children, they are still making an effort. But what happens to those children who get no help at all. They grow up with the desire to study, to be able to read. Nobody thinks that an uneducated adult needs education as much as an uneducated child. Nobody thinks that it will be extremely difficult for these people to do simple tasks (like operating a cell phone) just because they are not educated.

    The Students Who Became Teachers:

    Agaahi was founded by a group of A-level students of Beaconhouse College Campus, Gulberg, Lahore. When they noticed their school’s support staff members asking students for guidance about how to use their cell phones, they realized that these people need education too. These students started the Agaahi Project with the aim of “imparting primary level education and technical skills to our school’s support staff” as explained on their facebook page. While Wahaj Tariq mainly handled operations, Talha Shahzad and Neeha Hammad worked on the curriculum designing. Many other students volunteered to teach as well.


    The Good Work Done by The Project:

    Started in May 2017, the students working with Project Agaahi have taught subjects including Maths, English, Urdu, and Computer to the peons, janitors, and guards of their school. These students also tried to improve the communication skills of their students so that they can become confident. The team behind Project Agaahi plans on supporting vocational training of the support staff so they can earn extra money and improve their living conditions.


    The Courage to Make a Difference:

    Neeha Hammad has previously taught children too. She said that most children don’t get an education because their parents don’t understand its importance. Which is how she realized that our adults need to be educated first. “These are people who work at educational institutes but are still denied education. A bit ironic, right? Our project has tried to reduce societal gaps between the students and the staff.”, Neeha told us.


    Play Your Part:

    Agaahi project is a beautiful initiative. All of us should support it and there are many ways of doing that. You can either start a similar project in your school or college or you can support Agaahi Project with donations so they can start the vocational training of their staff.

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