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    What’s The Story Behind #WhatsItAbout?

    If you are a Pakistani who uses Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you might have noticed the hashtag #WhatsItAbout being used by several people usually accompanied with some kind of graphics or an image.

    And at Twittistaan, social media is our business so it’s our job to know the details and story behind every hashtag. We scour the world of Pakistani social media and keep ourselves updated with every single trend.

    So what do we know about the #WhatsItAbout till now? Well.. Um, not much. But let’s look at what people have been posting about the hashtag on social media!

    First, the hashtag started appearing with graphics which had close up images of different items. People were prompted to guess what the item in the picture was hence the hashtag #WhatsItAbout. People guessed a myriad of things.

    Guesses ranged from Batman’s motorcycle to VR headsets! One thing has been established, the items have something to do with technology.

    After the teaser images of items, the hashtag #WhatsItAbout started being accompanied with high-quality portraits of people. These images were of everyday Pakistanis in their natural settings. The images were beautifully captured and there was no doubt that an amazing camera had been used to capture them.

    However, no one revealed which camera was used to take the pictures. People were asked to guess, but those using the #WhatsItAbout hashtag still refused to reveal what had captured such amazing portraits. And that’s assuming that even they know!

    Another thing which has been revealed by this hashtag is that everyone wants the phone which these pictures were taken from. I don’t blame them, whoever gets the phone wins the prize for best Instagram aesthetic!

    This is the kind of camera which could make your breakfast of burnt toast look beautiful! This phone just might be your ticket to being a popular Instagrammer!

    Everyone was pretty confident that #WhatsItAbout was only about cell phones but then cropped images of motorcycles and scooters started to appear and people became a little less sure.

    People started to wonder what the different products in the images actually were.

    Some people had hilarious responses to what they thought the items in the pictures could be!

    I am sure the mystery behind #WhatsItAbout will be over soon but till then, let’s enjoy the guessing game!

    So what do you think #WhatsItAbout?

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