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3 Sparkistan Heroes Making Social Work Look Easy For All Of Us

We hear the words social worker and volunteer very often but we rarely stop and think about these people. Becoming a social worker, working for the betterment of the society, serving the class that can give you nothing in return except prayers, require most courage than most of us can imagine. Only the very compassionate and selfless individuals are brave enough to put someone else’s needs above their own. The stories of such individuals are not only inspiring but also ensure us that there’s still good in this world. We need to celebrate such heroes who demand nothing from us in return for their services.

Sparkistan is one such movement that aims to highlight the unsung heroes of our country.

A home is a basic necessity and for many of us, a home is all we have. Which is why losing home can be a very devastating experience.

Yasmeen Lari, Pakistan’s first female architect, has built over 40,000 houses for those who lost their homes to floods and earthquakes.

With the help of volunteers, Yasmeen Lari has been able to provide countless families with a roof.


More than 5 million children don’t go to school in Pakistan, mainly because of poverty but also due to lack of opportunity. Children belonging to poor families have to work to help the financial situation of their families, which means they never get to go to school.

Master Ayub, a firefighter by profession, started his mission to teach such children 30 years ago.

Since then he has taught many children, some of them have respectable jobs today. More and more people have joined Master Ayub in his mission and together they are making the future of Pakistan brighter.


Another beautiful story shared by Sparkistan is that of Muhammad Ali who has been working for children’s rights since 1990.

Mohammad Ali’s Roshni Foundation, with the help of its 2000 transgender volunteers, locate and rescue kidnapped children from beggar mafia and reunite them with their parents.


A few days ago I was discussing the problems faced by transgender people in our society with a friend when he told me the story of a transgender who visits his area sometimes. Shakeela is taking care of a widow and her kids. She provides them clothes and food and makes sure they have everything they need.

This story made me realize that we have countless uncelebrated heroes and they live among us. It’s high time we start giving them the respect they deserve, the respect they have earned.

If you know someone whose story deserve acknowledgment, contact us and we will continue the Sparkistan movement. Tweet us at @Twittistaan with your story or send us on Facebook here

ِImages: Acumen, Al Jazeera, Arzish Azam

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