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The Murder of Samina Sindhu and Her Unborn Child: Will We Ever Be Forgiven for This Crime?

In our society, a man is never wrong even when he is and a woman is always wrong even when she is innocent. We have stooped so low as to blame victims of child abuse for what happened to them. We have blamed the parents of victims, the relatives, the neighbors, everyone but those disgusting men who destroyed the lives of their victims.

Who’s Going to Stop These Men?

On Tuesday night, a horrifying incident happened in Larkana when singer Samina Sindhu, pregnant with her first child, was shot dead because she refused to stand up and dance while singing at an event. Samina and her husband earn their livelihood by performing at events. Her husband plays the harmonium while she sings. On the night of her murder, her husband was present there. So was SHO Liaquat Ali, who despite witnessing everything refused to register an FIR. After media’s coverage, FIR was registered against Tariq Jatoi, the man who shot and killed Samina Sindhu.

Is There An End to This?

Tariq Jatoi may get caught but what about Niaz Junejo who provoked him and whose name was left out of the FIR? Are we ever going to have a system in our country where powerful people cannot get away with their crimes? Or will the common people always suffer? The state should understand that people end up taking the law into their hands when they are denied justice for too long. They should wake up and act before it’s too late.

We Are All a Part of the Problem:

When we start justifying every little wrongdoing of men, they start thinking they are above values of the society and the law of the land. We need to change our thinking as a society. We need to stop blaming the victims, no matter what the crime against them was. When you blame a victim, you undermine the intensity of a crime. And that way, you give the criminal ideas that maybe he is not to be blamed. Let’s change our ways so we can force our government and police to do the same. Let us ensure that Samina Sindhu’s murderers don’t get away with this. We have failed to protect our children who are in this world and we failed to protect Samina’s child who hadn’t even seen this world yet. This brutality needs to stop and we should be ready to make any sacrifices for this revolutionary change.

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