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“This trend is spam” – Twitter users can now report top trending topics

Twitter just tightened the screws on trolls, malicious bots and abusive users by introducing a feature which allows users to report trends they think are spam, abusive, harmful or completely irrelevant. The new measure is part of the innumerable efforts by the company against malicious content in order to make the social media platform safe.

Twitter now offers an opportunity to the users to report any trend that is causing them any discomfort or is disturbing.

report twitter trends

This feature will definitely help the users feel safer when they are on the social media platform as they can always report a topic that they feel shouldn’t be a trend on Twitter. This is particularly a good feature for Pakistani audiences, which have the habit of trending hateful hashtags against political opponents.

Twitter users can now report top trending topics

However, this can also have negative implications as well, as it gives an opportunity to anyone with a slight issue with the trend to contribute towards breaking it.

The new feature is added almost one week after Twitter introduced additional tweet reporting options which enabled users to report tweets that are being posted by fake accounts or contain malicious links and spam.

Over the last year or so, Twitter has been really aggressive in fighting malicious bots  and abuse to make the platform safer for its users. In June, Twitter introduced email and phone verification in order to sign up for a new account. The sign-up process of Twitter has always been very lenient and allowed users to create new accounts as soon as their account was suspended for spam or abuse.

Back in December, Twitter started penalizing users for accounts that associated with organizations that promote or glorify violence along with accounts that tweet hateful imagery that threaten or abuse other users.

Twitter has always been criticized for not resolving the concerns of the users in the past, but it is quite clear that the social media platform is seriously taking action now.

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