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Rediscover Pakistan: The Perception of Karachi

Sea View Beach, Karachi
Catholic church, near regal, saddar, Karachi.
Dolmen City Mall Karachi
Empress Market Saddar Karachi
Five Star Chowrangi Karachi
Tooba Masjid Karachi

“Although Pakistan is suffering from terrorism but as per the fact, its a beautiful country. It’s all about your perception, that’s what I believe. Here are some of my picture, hope you’ll like them.” – Muhammad Qudsi
1- Sea view, Karachi.
2- Catholic church, near regal, saddar, Karachi.
3- Dolmen city mall, sea view, Karachi.
4- Empress market, saddar, Karachi.
5- Five star chorangi, north nazimabad, Karachi.
6- Tooba masjid, defence phase 2, Karachi.

Photographer: Muhammad Qudsi
Twitter handle: @Momi_Mistico
If you want to show how you see Pakistan, and how you #RediscoverPakistan, send us your photography, story behind them and your personal details at aey@twittistaan.com

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