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PUBG Mobile introduces improved servers for Pakistan

With a gamer base of 200 million across the globe, PUBG took the gaming world with a storm. It became the top earning global game in 2019. PUBG versions are available for PC and mobile but PUBG mobile is the widest used medium for playing this game. Cheaper smart phones, improved 4G technology and speedy marketing helped increase the popularity of this game in Pakistan as well.

Much to the joy of many PUBG players across the country, on June 16th 2020, PUBG mobile officially announced an improvement in gaming servers of Pakistan through a Facebook post.   

New gaming servers for Pubg Pakistan
PUBG Mobile’s official Facebook page announced new Pakstan Servers for Smoother Faster Gameplay.

Previously players have complained about the game lagging due to high pings. An interrupted, low quality gaming experience was not something the enthusiastic players looked forward to. Due to Pakistan’s location, the closest PUBG servers were sadly quite a distance away. PUBG assigns players to a server based on their local region. This usually resulted in a higher than desired ping as Pakistani players were located almost exactly in the middle of the 2 closest regional servers, European and Asian. A ping over a 100 would lead to a very unstable game with poor graphics.

New servers installed closer to Pakistan

The new update possibly means new servers have been installed closer to Pakistan. The new servers show a 70 ping or less to Pakistani players. This means good gaming quality, reduced lag and increased speed for the Pros. Lower pings for Middle East and Asian servers allows a quick response time against hackers in the game. Pakistani gamers love the experience.

Opportunity for Professional PUBG Pakistan Gamers

The new server shows more local player involvement. This accounts for a higher Pakistani lobby to compete against in the Asian server. Pakistani professional gamers can now take part in worldwide matches and tournaments since their server now provides a very competitive gaming experience.

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