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17 Tweets That Prove Twitter Is The Best Place To Be During PSL

We absolutely love cricket as a nation. But the real reason behind our passion for PSL is that it is our league. We had gotten tired of seeing other leagues. Even though our players performed brilliantly in those leagues, there was still something missing. And then we got blessed by Pakistan Super League. PSL is not only a form of entertainment but also a way to help bring cricket back to Pakistan. The final of PSL 2 was held in Lahore. International players came here and left with beautiful memories promising to come back again.

The third edition of PSL is even better. Three matches will be held in Pakistan, 2 in Lahore and the final in Karachi. But you can’t just enjoy PSL away from Twitter because that’s where the real fun happens. Banter, memes, badly photoshopped pictures, and what not. PSL and PSL Twitter are a package and you cannot enjoy one without the other. As we are nearing the end of PSL 3, let us look at some of the best tweets about this year’s PSL.

1. Karachi Kings Need to Work on Their Fielding:

2. Hai Koi Jawab?

3. Why We Need PSL:

4. Unluckiest People on This Earth: Lovers & Karachi Kings Fans

5. Still Couldn’t See Them:

6. Can Confirm, I was the Pen:

7. It’s a Nightmare:

8. It’s All Going to End Soon:

9. Pyar…PSL Ke Baad:

10. Fans of MS and LQ: “Too Soon”

11. Lahore Qalandars Can Do That to People:

12. What Can Be Worse Than That?

13. Jab Khail Ke Thak Jaien:

14. That No-Ball…

15. Oh, Dear!

16. We Are All United in Our Love for PSL Twitter:

17. Mission Impossible for Lahore Qalandars: Reaching Play-offs


Which tweet is your favorite and who made you laugh the hardest with their trolling this PSL? Let us know in the comments.


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