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PSL Season 3 Has Already Started on Twitter Even Before The Official Kickoff

We don’t just love cricket, we are crazy about it. That’s why when Pakistan Super League (PSL) was started, it felt like our prayers got answered. We finally had our own league. And if you want to see the enthusiasm of Pakistanis during PSL, you must go to Pakistani Twitter. The Twitter of PSL is completely different from the Twitter of non-PSL days. It is a wild place full of excitement, fights, banter, and what not.

During PSL, you belong to either of the two types of Twitter users in Pakistan. You are either supporting the team of your city or your city’s team is not in PSL so you are supporting your favorite city’s team. There’s no such thing as a Pakistani on Twitter who is not emotionally invested in a team throughout the PSL. If you are not interested in PSL, you don’t belong on Pakistani Twitter. Gham hour, rants, football fights, liberal vs. conservative fights, everything just fades into the background and only PSL talk remains relevant.

Now that the 3rd edition of PSL is just two days away, excitement has already reached its peak on Twitter. Sides have been chosen, bets have been placed, new jokes are in the making, and everyone is eagerly waiting for 22nd February. And all of that anticipation can be seen in the tweets about PSL.

1. The never-ending wait:

When will my PSL return from the war?

2. The Lahore Vs. Karachi debate:

There are three more teams in PSL but the real fight is always between Karachi and Lahore (only on Twitter though, as the teams of Karachi and Lahore have yet to perform extraordinarily at PSL).

3. How to Save Yourself from a Heartbreak:

This could work (well, almost!).

4. Let’s be Better this Year:

Time to say goodbye to the old jokes. And while we are at it, we should also decide not to attack someone’s appearance to win a fight.

5. Being Confident About Your Identity is Important:

Accept the criticism, own it.

6. Love Isn’t Easy:

Supporting your favorite team means hoping against hope that they will lift the trophy this year.

7. Awww!

What better way to end this article than with this beautiful picture.

So on a scale of 1 to Pakistani Twitter, how excited are you for the 3rd edition of PSL?

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