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How To Keep Your Personal Information Protected On Facebook

You must have been living under a rock if you haven’t heard about the Cambridge Analytics scandal. Now Facebook is trying to get out of this mess. But here is the thing, we have always known that Facebook’s privacy settings don’t really work, haven’t we? It’s one of those things that you know and it doesn’t really bother you but then someone else points it out and you start to panic. People raised their concerns for a few weeks after Facebook launched its messenger app. The messenger app requires your permission to access your microphone, your phone book, and your SMS among other things. Eventually, we became okay with this and now everyone has the app on their phone. But the news that a data firm ended up with users’ information through Facebook is making many people restless.

If you are one of those people, here are a few ways you can protect your privacy on Facebook in a better way:

1. Beware of Third Party Apps:

Many apps can access your personal information and your friend list through your Facebook when you use that app. Most of us love those games you can install through Facebook. But the same games might be selling your data to data firms and influencing the elections without your knowledge. Best to avoid these apps altogether. But if you can’t, go to your settings, then apps, and limit the information the apps can access.

2. Maximum Security:

Use Two-Factor Authentication on all your social media accounts. That way you will need your password and a particular number sent to your phone for login. This will prevent other people from logging in to your account. You can also set up extra security on your Facebook. Access this option by going to settings, then Security and Login, and scroll down to Setting Up Extra Security.

3. Avoid the Quizzes:

Everyone gets bored once in a while. But that is still not a good excuse for trying one of those personality quizzes on Facebook. Stay far away from these quizzes to protect your privacy.

4. Delete Your Facebook:

If nothing else satisfies you, just delete your Facebook. But even that isn’t easy. You will need to look up a tutorial on how to completely delete your Facebook account.

But here is a thought: Facebook is not the only one that has access to all your information and the ability to misuse it. Google probably knows more about you than Facebook. Going into the woods to live quietly, away from the technology doesn’t sound like a bad idea anymore.

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