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Patari is Introducing People To The Beauty of Urdu Literature With This Initiative

Whether it was the freedom movement or nation-building, Urdu literature kept the people going with its beautiful prose and spirit-lifting poetry. As it is spoken throughout the country, it promotes the feelings of unity among the people. In the old days, this beautiful language contributed to the political and cultural development of our society. Allama Iqbal, Nazir Akbarabadi, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, these were just some but arguably the best of poets with hints of deep philosophy, determination, justice, and freedom in their works.

It is an undeniable fact that Urdu is a huge part of our culture and education. But we are part of a generation that has actively helped in blurring the distinction between Urdu and English in Pakistan. All of us are aware of how the poetry, grace, and rhythm of Urdu language is exceptional. Then why do we do very little to promote our language?

Most people make an excuse of the concept of ‘westernisation’, which is caused by the increased pace of globalization in this day and age. But Chinese still speak Chinese, the Greeks still speak Greek, the French still speak French. And none of these countries disregard their national language. Why are we the victims of such a complex?

The youth nowadays is too involved in English movies and literature and young adult fiction. Not that it’s a bad thing, but this takes away the limelight from Urdu literature which is acknowledged lesser. Much like other countries, we should value our sense of identity, culture, and language. This can be done only when we become aware of the beautiful works in Urdu written by our many authors and poets and read, appreciate, and promote them.

Patari’s Urdu Literature Section:

Patari, the biggest streaming service in Pakistan, also known as Pakistan’s very own Spotify, has attracted widespread attention as it brings undiscovered talent into the spotlight. Recently, Patari launched a literature section for Urdu literature fans. This section features audiobooks from famous Pakistani poets, authors, and podcasts as well.  All of these are recorded in Urdu and can be streamed free of cost on Patari’s app and website.

The music featured on Patari has already brought a change to the Pakistani music industry. Such initiatives of music streaming services specifically for Pakistani audience were rarely taken in the past. Introducing the literature section is an attempt to connect people with the forgotten beauty of Urdu literature.

Where Should You Start?

Some of the best works in the collection are the works of Urdu humorist Syed Ahmed Shah, who is also known as Patras Bukhari, classical renditions of revolutionary poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s works, and popular short stories from Saadat Hasan Manto.

Urdu’s Future is Bright:

This is a great attempt as the service attracts a young audience. Once the youth starts listening to these podcasts, it’s just a matter of time that they’ll acknowledge the importance of their language and culture. Even right now we can see the difference of plots and storylines between English and Pakistani TV shows. While most of us like both the genres, we relate more to the Pakistani shows as they portray our culture. A lot of work needs to be done to make more and more people acquainted with Urdu literature. Accepting Urdu as our identity and focusing more on our own culture would be a good start. This will eventually bring a change in our television industry as well as on the educational front. Patari’s Urdu literature section is a good start to making the young generation see the beauty of their language.

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