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Pakistan’s First Transgender TV Anchor – Let This Be The First Step Towards A Better Future

We have plenty of human rights written down in our constitution. But they are just that: a part of a document. They are not real for many people of this country. What good are a few laws if they do nothing to protect the weak from the powerful groups of the society? The rich and powerful people exploit the poor, men exploit women, extremists torture and kill non-Muslims, cisgenders look down on transgenders. But finally, people are speaking up against these injustices. And although the pace of change is slow, it is coming nonetheless.

History Made:

Last week, Marvia Malik became the first Transgender TV anchor in Pakistan. Marvia is a journalism graduate and has worked as a model prior to this job. After three months of training, she anchored her first show on the private channel Kohenoor on Friday. While talking to the BBC Marvia said that she was moved to tears when she was offered the job. She said that her family knows about her achievements and yet they disowned her.

More Opportunities for Transgender People:

Transgender people are denied their basic rights. Even if they manage to acquire education, they don’t get accepted for jobs. They have to resort to other means to earn their livelihood. Last year, Allama Iqbal Open University announced that they will provide free education to the Transgender community. This month Pakistan’s Senate voted to support a bill protecting the rights of Transgender people of Pakistan. But Transgender people need respectable jobs or they won’t feel protected in the society. Marvia Malik has become the first Transgender to anchor a TV show in Pakistan but she shouldn’t be the last.

Better Laws and Implementation:

We need more laws to protect the minorities and we need better implementation of the existing laws. Powerful people shouldn’t be able to mold the laws according to their wishes. We should not let the winds of change die. Let Marvia Malik serve as the positive example we needed to ensure that people like her get the opportunities they rightfully deserve.

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